Why Can’t I Receive Emails from Pionex?

If you cannot receive the email verification code, please check whether the following conditions exist:

1. Logged in to the wrong account
Solution: Check your email or SMS for a verification code for registration. If not, it means that you have not registered with this email or mobile number.

2. Check the spam folder of your email.
Solution: If your email service provider sends Pionex emails into your spam folder, you can mark them as “safe” by whitelisting Pionex’s email addresses. You can refer to How to Whitelist Pionex Emails to set it up.

Addresses to whitelist:

  • service@pionex.com

3. Your mailbox is full
Solution: delete some emails and try again.

4. The verification email may be misjudged as spam
Solution: Please find the mail of service@pionex.com in the trash can

5. The operation frequency is too fast, making the previous email verification code invalid
Solution: Reduce the operating frequency and avoid repeatedly clicking the “SEND” button

6. Once actively blocked the service@pionex.com email address
Solution: Lift the restriction on the service@pionex.com mailbox

7. The network environment is unstable
Solution: You can move to an open area to ensure network reception is stable, and click Resend after 60 seconds.

We recommend registering with an email domain such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.

If there are still problems that cannot receive the code, please send an email to service@pionex.com and briefly describe your problem and situation. We will assist you to check the issue.