Everything about Pionex ETH staking

Crypto Lenders Offered “Too Good to Be True” Returns

——SEC Chair Gary Gensler

The “Truth” behind the high yield of the market

Pionex Staking has chosen to release in mid-June. At the same time, many institutions in the cryptocurrency market are facing a serious liquidity crisis, including a centralized investment platform and a large hedge fund. While Pionex pays more attention to investment risks, a series of recent events have also given us the incentive to create low-risk, fixed-income products.

“Amazing 20% return (high-yield)“, “Automatically high returns“…, with the development of smart contracts, financial product advertisements only need to advertise high returns to attract the attention of countless investors. Is it a carnival or a trap behind the eye-catching annualized income?

Users can often see the APY data of each product on the web page, but it is difficult to clearly understand what or how much risk the platform will take. Some institutions apply Staking financing to off-chain investment. In this way, even if Staking users know the investment target, or even see the financial report of the investment target, they cannot judge the risk at all. In the event of bankruptcy and fraud, users need to hire lawyers in transnational courts, making it extremely difficult to defend their rights. A DeFi featured product that cannot operate completely transparently and only relies on the reputation of the platform for financing goes against the purpose of DeFi itself.

Pionex Real Staking——Truly Trustworthy Staking

The Pionex ETH Staking program invests assets in the Lido/Curve platform with complete transparency without using any leverage. It is the simplest investment of Pionex: Staking ETH and earning income. Users do not need to consider and measure complex income formulas or parameters, and only need to go through [Earn] -> [Staking] to complete the Curve investment on the chain.

In order to clearly display what Staking is, Pionex Staking is completely the same as the following operations:

Reference: A Guide To Curve Finance | Lido: Help

● Logged in to curve.fi/stETH and connected wallets

● Depositing ETH to add liquidity

● Account gets corresponding LP Tokens

● Automatically deposit to Gauge & earn interest

Unlike the Aave leverage system, Pionex ETH Staking does not use any leverage. At the same time, ETH Staking fully invests the assets in the smart contracts of the decentralized blockchain

Users can not only view the status of the liquidity pool and the floating rate of return on https://curve.fi/steth in real-time but also fully understand and verify the operation process on Lido. You also don’t need to bear any leverage and worry about funds being invested offline. Users only need to click on Staking to avoid complicated operations, such as opening accounts and interacting with smart contracts. In addition, it also reduces the risk to users, such as hacking, malicious fraud, etc. Pionex’s professional investment and research team monitors the market in real-time and selects the optimal smart contract combination, saving you a lot of research time and providing users with a “one-stop solution” for staking.

Besides, in order to give users more investment decision-making power, we provide users with the right to suspend and terminate the Staking service at any time. You can redeem your staking assets at any time. Our Telegram community is open to users. You are welcome to ask questions with us here, and we will answer in the group.

The steps on App

●  Select “Earn” at the bottom of the toolbar on the App
●  Click “Staking” section at the top of the page
● Choose the Duration you want to Stake
● Click “Stake” button and input the locked amount


Q: How to get an additional 0.5% APR bonus?
1. Early Bird Bouns: Join the Pionex Staking program before 16, July 2022 at 23:59(UTC+8)
2. Other Bonus: Coming Soon. Please pay attention to the email (EDM); you can enjoy up to 4.25% + 0.50% APR if available.

Q: What will happen when redeeming the staking assets?
1. For the auto-invest users: After your initial order have been expired, the staking investment will earn the APR in the form of demand savings deposits. And after the expiration date to redeem the investment, Pionex does not charge any transaction fees.
2. If you redeem before the expiration date, Pionex will charge “0.5 ✖ Current profits” Or “0.005 ETH” (Take the larger one)

Q: Does ETH encounter a risk like UST?
A: No. The risk of UST comes from the flaws in the design of the algorithmic stablecoin itself, which is an endogenous risk. The current volatility of ETH prices comes from the lack of liquidity. And stETH to ETH2.0 is a rigid redemption, and it is trustworthy from the Coin standard.

Q: How to calculate the estimated profit?
A: Estimate Profit = Staking Assets Total Value ✖ APR ✖Duration ✖ (1/365)
Example: Suppose Staking ETH for 180 Days, the APR is 4.25%. The Total investment is n ETH, and the estimated profit will be n ✖ 0.0425 ✖ 180 ✖ (1/365)

Q: What is the function of Auto-invest?
A: After your first Staking order expired, the assets will auto-invest to the same option you choose and start investing again. You can also find the option to close the auto-invest of your order after your staking expired, the profits will transfer to your Trade account.

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