Best Bitcoin Trading Bots of 2021

What Is A Bitcoin Trading Bot?

Trading bots are used many times for crypto trading.  The idea behind a trading bot is that there are many times that humans will miss out on a trade for several different reasons.  One reason could be, they did not see the trade, whether they were away from the computer or whether they were not quick enough with entering and exiting the price.  Another reason could be because the price of the pair reacted so quickly that they were not prepared for the trade resulting, again, in not being quick enough.

Many times traders resort to using a trading bot because it eliminates a few things that can cause traders to lose out on an order.  The first thing to explain is that the trading bot is a program that is relatively automatic.  It requires little information from humans, and once that information is put into the program it is able to continue to run without a human interacting with the program.  It will continue to run the program without stopping until it comes to a reason to stop the program.  The idea is you as a human, input a few price parameters, and a reason the bot should stop, and press start.  The bot will continue to run until it stops, or the parameters are no longer working for the pair.

Best for High-Volume Traders:  Pionex

If you are looking for the best trading bot and want to use it for a lot of volume, you will want to check out Pionex.  Pionex is an exchange that uses built in trading bots.  Currently on the website it shows 16 different trading bots that are all built into the exchange itself.  Still not, sute about trading with a bot, you can still spot trade as well.

  • Pros – With Pionex the exchange has super low trading fees, 0.05%, and they can be even cheaper if you have a larger amount of trading volume.  Another great thing is that all of the bots are built into the exchange, so there is not a need for an API for this exchange.  There is a great community as well as several great videos out there on how the bots work.
  • Cons – Some individuals claim that customer service is lacking with their response time.  Another downside is at times there are not good explanations on how the bots work or how to use them.  

Fastest Paying Bitcoin Robot:  British Bitcoin Profit

British Bitcoin Profit is a company that specializes in investing crypto currencies for individuals who have full time jobs or who might not be able to look at charts all day long.  

  • Pros – British Bitcoin Profit specializes in using funds that you as the individual deposit and then they are able to use those funds and continue to grow your investment.  During this time, you are relying on other individuals to use your money and you have to trust those individuals to make decisions based on your best interest.
  • Cons – Some of the cons that have been published are the company seems like it could have a sketchy feel to it.  However, they do have ratings and certifications that show they are a legit company.  Personally, I cannot access the website because it is not allowed from my country, so that would be another downside as well, some individuals may need a VPN before getting access.

Overall Best Bitcoin Winnings:  Bitcoin Loophole

Bitcoin Loophole is a cryptocurrency trading program that was created by a group of software engineers.  The program looks at many different signals and employs different strategies in order to produce winnings for the investor.  

  • Pros – Bitcoin Loophole’s website talks about the accuracy being upward of 99% profitable.  With a very quick and reliable ability to open an account and start trading.
  • Cons – Same thing with this trading bot, the site seems a bit sketchy.  To be depositing money to other individuals and have them trade for you is always a risk that you might need to weigh out before continuing.

Best Free Bitcoin Bot:  Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit is a crypto trading software program that works to trade crypto currencies for the investor.  It is made from a “set of intelligent robots” that perform for account holders.

  • Pros – Bitcoin Profit boasts a 99.7% success rate.  They claim fast withdrawals that will happen within 24 hours.  Demo trading feature.  Multiple payment options for Bitcoin Profit as well as excellent customer support.
  • Cons – The site encourages investors to send their money so others can invest it.  There are many sites that question the site and whether or not it is legit or not.

Best Bitcoin Robot for Beginners:  Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion is a trading robot that claims to generate profit daily.  It automates all different types of trades and continues to trade without user interactions.  

  • Pros – Bitcoin Champion puts other individuals in charge of your investment.  They and their program are able to watch the charts and the efforts of the robot in order to make the best investments during that time period.
  • Cons – One of the cons is that you are trusting another company or individual to make decisions with your money.

Bitcoin Bot with Highest Performance:  Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a program that does some of the same things as the programs that have been mentioned above.  

  • Pros – One of the positive things that the program explains is that it uses an algorithm that is very innovative.  It uses the micro price differences in order to capitalize on trades.  It also states that it has a 99.4% accuracy.  
  • Cons – Trusting someone else with your money and ensuring that the algo continues to perform the correct way that you expect it to.

Best Cryptocurrency Robot: Bitcoin Up

Bitcoin Up is a crypto trading company that trades in crypto and other assets.  They have a powerful trading algorithm and a vast knowledge in how to trade with the markets.  

  • Pros – One of the pros for this site is that you are able to trade very quickly.  You sign up, fund your account, and then receive a phone call in order to start trading.
  • Cons – With this program there seems to be several different claims that big celebrities have funded the project.  Which is “not true” according to their website.  So there seems to be some sketchy things about this program. It also looks exactly like the same site as BitQS.  This makes me want to pause about signing up for their services.

Best Multi-Language Platform: BitQT

BitQT was formed by two brokers a few years ago. The big push for this program was that they would be able to trade in milliseconds.

  • Pros – This program is super simple and easy to use.  Transactions are quick and easy, as well as the app itself is very user friendly.
  • Cons – One of the cons for BitQT is that so many other people have also flooded the markets with apps that also trade cryptocurrencies.  This brings some bad vibes along with a newer app.

Bitcoin Bot with the Highest Success Rate: Bitcoin Pro

Bitcoin Pro is a bitcoin system that almost anyone can use regardless of their background in trading cryptocurrencies.  

  • Pro – Bitcoin Pro claims to have one of the fastest crypto trading bots.  The faster the bot, the quicker the trades which could turn into profit in your pocket.  
  • Con – The downside with a program like this is someone else is basically in charge of your money.  That can be very scary for individuals especially if they are investing a large amount of capital.

Bitcoin Bot with Fastest Customer Support Response:  BitQS

BitQS claims to be the world’s most advanced trading system.  They have been in the market for five years currently.

Pros – This site talks about how quickly you can start trading.  A very quick deposit, and a quick phone call and you are well on your way to start trading.

Cons – When looking at this site it looks almost exactly the same as BitcoinUP.  This makes me want to pause about signing up for their services.

How Do Bitcoin Trading Bots Work?

  • The bots mainly work with algorithms that have been tested from the past markets and show positive results.
  • Many times there is also a group of people who use market research and data analysis in order to help create the algorithm and implement it in the crypto trading bot.
  • The team, or another group will also do some research in order to make sure the risk:reward is also good.  To be 100% honest, if the algo wins 51% of time while using the same risk each time, then the bot should record profits.
  • The idea behind the algorithms is the bot “predicts and reads” charts.  When a buy price is “triggered” then it will buy and hold the security until the sell price is “triggered”.  Buying, low and selling higher.

How Do I Choose a Trading Bot?

  • The first thing to look for in a trading bot is security.  Security of the website as well as the trading bot itself.  You do not want to fund an account that has a chance of a hack.
  • Another thing you will want to be mindful of when choosing a trading bot is the minimum deposit.  Many times the deposits are not very large to start, however some of the trading bots can be rather expensive with their deposits.
  • You will want to see how to deposit and withdraw your money as well.  Some bots can be a very quick process others have a lockup period which can vary from a week to 14 days.
  • Transparency is another big thing that I look for when looking at trading bots.  You want to make sure you understand how the bots work, and use them correctly.
  • Some trading bots are very difficult to use and have a lot of “moving parts”.  Each moving part is something that could go wrong.  Pick some bots that are easy to use.
  • Many of the “specialized trading bots” cost quite a bit of money.  If that is something that you are alright with, that is fine.  But the cost can also dip into your profits so it is something to keep an eye on during the process.

Bitcoin Trading Bot Strategies

  • Some trading bots tend to follow a trend strategy.  So they will looks at data and find trending coins and follow those and trade those.
  • Other bots use arbitrage strategy.  This strategy buys coins on one exchange and sells them very quickly somewhere else.
  • Another way that some trading bots make profits is creating a Market Marker order.  This order usually has a trading fee that is less than trading styles.

Why Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

  • Many times people wonder if “I should use a bitcoin robot?”.  Many times can be profitable to use the bot for trading.
  • There is a high profitability when using trading bots because of outside factors not getting in the way of the situation.
  • Robots can be very simple to use.  Some can be more intense, but there are simple ones avaliable.  
  • Many times there is a smaller initial investment to get started using the trading bots.
  • You can take time for yourself and not worry about looking at the charts all day long.
  • It can also remove the emotion from trading that can at times get people to make mistakes when they actually have a great plan in place.

When Should I Use a Bitcoin Robot?

  • It can be overwhelming to know when to use a bitcoin robot.  The idea to have a bot do the work would be best when you have to do several repetitive tasks throughout the day or week.
  • When the tasks are time consuming.
  • When you want to make sure you are trading the market nonstop with efficiency.
  • When there is a need for a complex strategy that a human can not perform quick enough or might mess up on something.

Why Are Bitcoin Bots Profitable?

  • Bitcoin bots have a very high value of efficiency.  They take out the human interaction and do not let emotions get in the way, plus they are faster than a human.
  • -24/7 Access to Market and are able to trade that market at any time.
  • They have the ability to handle complex tasks while still focusing on making gains.

Written by Gridbot