BitsGap Trading Bot Reviews and Pricing of 2021

Trading is not for the dabblers, the dreamers, or the desperate. It requires, above all, one steadfast trait of dedication. So if you are going to trade, trade like you mean it” -Rod Casilli.

This quote by Rod Casilli sends out a huge message to traders as to how to approach our trading , hence the need to really prepare and be armed with the right tools for trading .Crypto Trading bots rank at the top of tools needed for trading.In this article I would be discussing some crypto trading bots available .

What is BitsGap

Bitsgap describes itself as an all in one trading platform for bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Traders can trade , manage their portfolio, make use of arbitrage tools for arbitrage trades and manage everything crypto on the platform. 

Let’s dig deep in to this products available for traders .First of all Bitsgap gap isn’t an exchange, it’s just a trading terminal that connects to your exchange of choice to help you do advanced trading.Now let’s talk about Bitsgap’s Trading bot .

BitsGap Trading bots Review

Bitsgap provide users with the grid trading bot , which works by allowing users to set a range with which they think their crypto asset would fluctuate between. i.e ( lower limit and upper limit ). The bot then distributes the allocated investment evenly . The system then sells when prices move to be upper limit and sets a buy order Lower which gets triggered once prices drops . This happens over and over as long as prices stays within the set range .

A few things to take note about grid bots :

  • Lower limit : this is the last price you believe a price would find support within a set range .
  • Upper limit : this is the resistance price you believe price would hits and reverse lower
  • Grid levels or no. Of grids : this is how many your trades or investment can be divided .
  • Grid % : is the percent % a grids can give when and buy and sell is both triggered.

BitsGap’s Arbitrage Bot

To understand how bitsgaps arbitrage bot works we first have to understand the means of arbitrage“the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.”profitable arbitrage opportunities”

Therefore bitgaps arbitrage bot helps you make profit on a price difference buying crypto on an exchange where the price is lower and then selling it on an exchange where the price is higher.

Pros and Cons


  • Low risk  : Arbitrage trading is one trading type that is considered to be low risk.
  • Profitable: with just buying low in one exchange and selling high on another exchange provide means to make good profits with low risk . 


  • Capital intensive : Because of the opportunity gap is so narrow the profit percentage is usually less hence when capital is small profits won’t be really appreciated compared to when capital is big.
  • Volatile market : The crypto market is so volatile such that there could be a huge price movement within seconds and minutes that could result to an invalidation of a trade .
  • Submitting orders : it can be difficult to also submit two accompanying trades quickly at the same time .

BitsGap Supported Exchanges

Since Bitsgap is  just a trading platform , what exchanges are they connected with would be the next realistic question to ask . Bitsgap support most of the top exchanges available . Coinbase Pro , Okex , FTX , Bitstamp etcAfter all this great stuff you are prepared to take things to the next level. Let’s see how much it will cost you .

Pricing at BitsGap

Bitsgap has their packages starting from $19\mo for basic , $44/mo for advanced and $110/mo

$19 basic Package

  1. All standard features ( trading signal , portfolio, extended order types , demo trading )
  2. Unlimited exchanges
  3. $25 , 000 monthly trading limits
  4. 2 active bots

$44 Advanced Package

  1. All standard features ( trading signal , portfolio, extended order types , demo trading )
  2. Unlimited exchanges
  3. $100, 000 monthly trading limit
  4. 5 active bots
  5. Arbitrage

$110 Pro Package

  1. All standard features ( trading signal , portfolio, extended order types , demo trading )
  2. Unlimited exchanges
  3. Unlimited monthly trading limits
  4. 15 Active trading bots
  5. Take profit for bots
  6. Arbitrage

BitsGap Signals Service

For beginners you would be wondering how do I go about all the trading when I acquire all these tools , is there something or someone to look up to ? Bitsgap fills this gap with their market signal service .These signals work by using algorithms to analyze over 10 000 crypto pairs every second to detect the best opportunities.

You are all pump up and excited to get started ! You can operate Bitsgap via the web . Bitsgap does not app an app for iOS or Android .

BitsGap vs Pionex

One great thing in crypto is the myriad opportunities for one to choose from , from which exchanges to use , which assets to own , to which trading platform to use . Traders are spoilt with options and opportunities . I would be sharing and comparing Bitsgap with one of the traders favorite Pionex.

Before I jump into pionex let’s summarize what Bitsgap is all about :

  1. Bitsgap is a trading platform that helps you connect to other exchanges like , Coinbase , Bitstamp etc .
  2. Bitsgap provides grid trading bot at a fee that helps your automate your trade 24/7
  3. Bitsgap provides traders with arbitrage bot at a fee .
  4. Signal services are available to guide beginners

Now let’s talk about Pionex :

Pionex is is the first cryptocurrency exchange with about 13+ free in built trading bots. – Yes free crypto trading bots .With Licensed in the USA and Singapore pionex provides the best of security for its users.

Funds are definitely SAFU at Pionex. 


Pionex provides over 300+ assets to trading and your can do so at the  lowest fees in the crypto industry if not the lowest .

Pionex charges a fee of 0.05% on every transaction made. 

User Experience

Pionex provides one of the best UI in the market . The web and app is so easy and simple to use . The simplicity of the app is every traders dream. 

Pionex is available both on web ( ) and also App Store and play store.

Copy Trading service and Signals

Copy trading is a great feature where beginners can ride on the wings of expert traders to grow their game of trading . Pionex provide users with this opportunity to follow an expert trader and trade along side with them .

There is a community as well where influencers share their opinions about the market to give free insight to everyone in the community.

This is a huge resource for any trader out there and this is free on pionex .

Now let’s dive deep into the trading tools available for traders who want to take their trading to the next level and how they can do so using Pionex trading Bots . 

But before we do that let’s talk about Trading styles and Strategies so we can decide which trading bot is best for our type of trading .

Trading Styles and Strategies

There are 3 main styles of trading. i.e how you approach your trades and this influences your holding time , or timeframe . 

Trading Styles

Short term : day trading and scalping falls under this category and the usual holding time is 1- 2 hours or the whole day .

Medium term : swing trading falls under this category of style . The usual holding period is 2-5 days or a week of the trend is strong .

Long term : position trading style . Which is sometime referred to as investing. The holding time for this strategy is usually months and years .

Pionex Trading Bots and Trading Strategies


Let’s discuss the core and which trading strategy best fits it.


Grid trading bot is a sort after bot for traders who want to trade the range. The market is either going up or down or sideways . Therefore in a sideways market a ranged in formed and the grid trading bot helps you capitalize on this to make money . 

E.g bitcoin is ranging between 40,000 and 50, 000 you can capture the fluctuations using the grid trading bot .


Infinity Grid Bot : if you are bullish about the market the infinity Grid bot is yours . This bot does not put a cap on the upper limit hence your trade is free to run to the upside while also benefiting from the fluctuations. 


Rebalance bot : For the Hodlers ! Rebalance bot helps you hold a basket of assets for the long term , buying and selling assets to maintain the weight of assets . This bot is great for those who want to hold their trades for the long term . 

In conclusion, if you are a beginner or an advanced trader who want to take your crypto trading to another levels using trading tools and bots , pionex is your go to place .

No stress got api linkage , to stress of paying high monthly subscription for less , the fees on pionex are less which saves you extra money and they have great support ! Pionex is every traders haven.