3commas Trading Bots Reviews and Pricing of 2021

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What is 3Commas ?

3Commas is a cryptocurrency trading bot which enable you to connect your account in several exchanges into 3commas platform, which has multiple feature for make your trading easier. The main feature of 3commas is its trading bot and its portfolio tracker. It provides a trading bot to run trades on your connected exchanges through 3commas platform. Since you will connect your exchanges API Key into their platform, you also can track your portfolio there. 

An important to notes, is that 3Commas is not an exchanges. It is a 3rd party application that will help you trade in your exchange account to help you do more advance trading job. Let’s dig in into 3Commas features and bots

3Commas Trading Bots Review 

3Commas Grid Bot

The most popular bot used by 3Comma user is Grid Bot. Grid bot enable you to trades within a certain range with grid fashioned trading style. Grid style is expecting to catch volatility while gaining some value from the remaining token held if the price increase. 

Grid bot mechanism is to trade in a certain range, and then divide this range into several grid. Everytime price crossing this grid, the bot will buy or sell. If price fluctuates a lot, more grid will be crossed , thus leading to more profits for the bot. 

Grid Trading preview of buy and sell prices

Some variables you need to put on to run Grid Bot : 

  • Upper limit price : The last price of your trading range. Usually using resistance
  • Lower limit price : The first price (bottom) of your trading range. Usually using support
  • Grid Quantity : How much you want to divide the price range to be
  • Quantity per Grid : How much you want to put on every trade
  • Amount for bot usage : Total amount that will be used by the bot

3Commas DCA Bot

Aside from Grid Bot, 3Commas also provide DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) Bot. This trading bot enables you to buy crypto within certain periods, so that you could get average price of a token in a certain period. 

DCA Bot is good for long term strategy, because if you could better price compared to all-in buy at early, you will gain more profits from token appreciating value. By getting average price, you would almost out trade most of trader and just follow what market is doing. 

Let’s say you want to invest $1000 over 4 months. The first month you buy at $100, 2nd month at $80 , 3rd month at $70 , and 4th month at $90. By doing this, your average buying price would be around $83 . Compared if you buy it at 1st month, you will get 20% more token, and if you sell at last month, you will get 20% profit just by doing this strategy. 

Supported Exchanges

16 exchanges is supported for 3Commas platform, but 3Commas grid bot only support 6 exchanges, including popular exchanges such as FTX, and ByBit. 

3Commas supported exchanges and features

Pricing at 3Commas 

3 Commas business model is subscription plan. They offer 4 type of subscription. https://3commas.io/pricing

Free Plan ($0)

  • One Active SmartTrade
  • One DCA Bot (One Multi/Single pair for Spot or One for Futures)
  • One GRID Bot
  • One Options Bot
  • Unlimited Scalper Terminal

Starter Plan  ($29/mo)

  • Unlimited Active SmartTrades
  • One DCA Bot (One Multi/Single pair for Spot or One for Futures)
  • One GRID Bot
  • One Options Bot
  • Unlimited Scalper Terminal
  • Paper Trading

Advance Plan ($49/mo)

  • Unlimited Active SmartTrades
  • Unlimited DCA Bots (Unlimited Single pair for Spot. One Multi pair for Spot or One for Futures)
  • One GRID Bot
  • One Options Bot
  • Unlimited Scalper Terminal
  • Paper Trading

Pro Plan ($99/mo)

  • Unlimited Active SmartTrades
  • Unlimited DCA Bots (Unlimited Multi/Single pair for Spot & Unlimited for Futures)
  • Unlimited GRID Bots
  • Unlimited Options Bots
  • Unlimited Scalper Terminal
  • Paper Trading

Comparing 3Commas vs Pionex


Pionex known popularly as Trading Bot Exchanges, an exchanges with 16+ free crypto trading bot provided to its user to help them automize their trades and plans their trade better. Pionex licensed by U.S. FinCen and Singapore MSB license, making it trustworthy exchanges to trades on. Backed by investor from Gaorong Capital, ShunWei Capital, and ZhenFund with investment more than 10 million USD. 

Fees and Pricing

3Commas is connecting exchanges into their platform. Consequently, the trading fees is following the exchanges, which is around 0.1%-0.3% across multiple exchanges.
Aside from trading fees, 3Commas also charge monthly plan, if you are using non-free plan. The cost is around $29-$99 depending on which plan you use.

Pionex has 0.05% trading fees in all market pair. This trading fee is 50% cheaper than the cheapest trading fee on 3Commas. Since trading bot will use a lot of transaction, trading fees is one of the most crucial part if you are trading with high frequency.
Pionex doesnt cost any monthly subscription fees. The platform is totally free. The only fees you pay is for the trading fee, which is already 50% more cheaper than most common exchanges.

Interface and Platform support

Both of 3Commas and Pionex is support Web version and Mobile Version. There isn’t much any difference between the PlayStore downloads, both of them has 100k+ downloads. 

One of difference between them is the updates. Pionex has much more frequents updates into their platform, making better and better User Interface and User Experience. Meanwhile, there isn’t many major updates on 3Commas UI/UX. Although interface is personalized experience (every people has different opinion about it), but regular updates is showing how much resources and attention the team put into their business. 

Bots and Feature

You can learn the details about every feature or bots both platform provide in their blogs. This is some overview about what feature and what kind of bots that they provide

3Commas : 

  • Grid Bot
  • DCA Bot
  • Option Bot
  • Smart Trades
  • Portfolio Tracker 
  • Paper Trading

Pionex :



3Commas is 3rd party platform, it means that it connects your exchange into their platform, so you can trades in any of your exchange account only from 3Commas, reducing the hassle to switch between exchanges. Connecting the exchanges requires the API Key, thus it is crucial for the user to keep secret of this API Key. 

3Commas support 16 exchanges, which is more than enough because all of popular exchanges is already supported by them. If you are looking for trading bot platform to connect to your exchanges account, 3Commas is way to go


Pionex is an exchanges with license from US and Singapore. This means that if you want to trade, you need to move the fund into Pionex platform. 

Pionex provide 16+ bots with very low exchanges compared to most popular exchanges (50% cheaper than them), making it the most efficient for using trading bot. If you are looking for exchanges with complete feature, Pionex is way to go.