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On 29 Dec 2022, 3Commas admitted a widespread API Keys leak in their platform. To protect user accounts from unauthorized access in the light of the recent 3Commas exploit, Pionex advise anyone who uses 3Commas to log into your exchanges account and delete the keys immediately.

Based on our past experience, it is very risky to use API Keys for cryptocurrency trading. As having your API keys exposed or stolen by threat actors could easily empty users’ accounts on all major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

At Pionex, we are strongly committed to the safety and security of user funds and continue to find ways to protect you from cybercriminals. 

We introduced BUILT-IN Trading Bots with no API Keys needed since beginning. A great option for new and experienced investors who look for funds safe in crypto space.

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Earn up to $30 USDT with Your 3Commas Account Subscription Plan

Show us your 3Commas membership subscription proof, Pionex incentivises $3 USDT on every remaining month, redeem max cap up to $30 USDT! GET it immediately once registering a Pionex account and deposit more than $1000 USDT.

Eligibility: Pionex new users

Redeem Pionex UNLIMITED Trading Fees Credit with Your 3Commas Account

$30 trading fee will be rebated in your Pionex account based on the sum of your subscription remaining months in 3Commas subsequently when trading with Pionex.

3Commas Subscription Remaining MonthsPionex Trading Fee Credit

Eligibility: All users

Verify your 3Commas membership with us

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  1. Incentives will be distributed within 10 working days, after we conduct a weekly basis (every Thursday) reviewing Pionex new users who fill out the above form.
  2. Validity of Pionex Trading Fee Credit lasts for 3 months, you will get your spent trading fee rebates at the end of each month instead of after each transaction of trades.
  3. Pionex Trading Fee Credit is a type of reward granted to users who can use it to get a trading fee rebate. It is not transferable, withdraw or trade it to others cryptocurrency or fiat.
  4. Pionex reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.

If you have any questions, our Support teams are always available to help you. You can contact us via live chat right on the platform or at email

Trade safe with Pionex Crypto Trading Bots, we never ask for your API Keys

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