Trality Reviews 2021 Trality Trading Bots and Pricing

When looking for a reliable trading bot one name really stands out from the rest.  That is the Trality Trading bot.  I have not used this bot personally, however if you want a bot that can do almost anything except cook you breakfast, then this bot might be the one for you!

Trality Pricing

When looking at the pricing for Trality there are different levels for different individuals which makes this trading bot a perfect fit for anyone who might be interested.  The levels that are offered are offered in Euros and the plans are: Pawn, Knight, Rook, and Queen.


  • Price: Free
  • Trading Volume: 5000
  • Smallest Tick Interval: 60m
  • Live Bot: 1
  • Virtual Bot: 1
  • Log Retention: 1 Week
  • Backtest: Unlimited


  • Price mo/year: 9.99/95.00
  • Trading Volume: 25000
  • Smallest Tick Interval: 60m
  • Live Bot: 2
  • Virtual Bot: 2
  • Log Retention: 1 Month
  • Backtest: Unlimited


  • Price mo/year: 39.99/383.00
  • Trading Volume: 250000
  • Smallest Tick Interval: 5m
  • Live Bot: 5
  • Virtual Bot: 5
  • Log Retention: 6 Month
  • Backtest: Unlimited


  • Price mo/year: 59.99/575.00
  • Trading Volume: Unlimited
  • Smallest Tick Interval: 1m
  • Live Bot: 10
  • Virtual Bot: 10
  • Log Retention: Unlimited
  • Backtest: Unlimited

Trality Reddit

If you are thinking to yourself this sounds like something for me, then I believe you have come to the right place.  Many times people have tried to make discussion boards and such for help in certain areas.  Several years ago I believe that everyone was trending towards Reddit to help with their answers.  However now, it seems the world has also taken a part of Discord and made it their own “24/7 chat room” if you will.  They seem to be very active in Discord with over 2000 members and currently when I checked over 200 were online.

Trality Bot Coding

The great concept about this program is that they are very open to you being able to write you own trading bot.  Do you know how to write using Python?  Well if you do you can create you own bot and use it with their programming.  Their program uses cloud based servers so you do ever have to set up your own trading servers.  They also have end to end trading, so when you do get the best money making system, no one will ever be able to see it unless you want them to.

Trality API Exchanges

Once you get signed up and get your trading bot up and running, you have 4 different exchanges to use.  Biance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Bitpanda.  Currently they are looking to add additional exchanges but as of writing this article they only have those 4 supported.