Trade Santa Review 2021 Trade Santa Trading Bots and Pricing

What is Trade Santa?

Trade santa is a trading bot platform which will connect your exchange accounts in several places into one apps. User can track their portfolio of several exchanges from Trade Santa platform. Trade Santa platform already support many popular exchanges such as UpBit, OKeX, CoinBase pro, etc. 

The main thing to note , Trade Santa is not an exchanges. It is a trading platform, that will help you to trade multiple accounts and trade using automated trading bot they provide. By simply connecting your exchange account into Trade Santa through API Key, you can access your exchanges account through Trade Santa. 

Trade Santa Feature Review 

There are 4+ crypto trading bots and strategies that is available for Trade Santa users to utilize. 5Some of the most popular being used : Grid bots, DCA Bots, Futures Bots, and Smart Orders. Trade santa also provide Virtual Trading, which is a safe way to test your skills of setting up bot parameters without risking any real funds to trade while still seeing the estimated result of the bot in current market situation. 


The most popular bot used inside Trade Santa is DCA Bot. DCA Bot perform a simple trading step to execute. It buys more when the price is go down, and sell it at once at profit. By buying more when the price is going down, it will average down the buying price, thus leading to have better entry price compared to all in on the first order. That’s why this strategy is called dollar cost averaging because of the averaging down from initial buying order. 

Some variables you need to put on to run Grid Bot : 

Take profit target (%) : At what percentage the bot will take profit and close the active orders

Step of extra order (%):  How much % gap between buy orders to average down

Max Extra order : Number of extra orders from initial buy

Virtual Trading

Virtual Trading or more popular known as paper trading is one of the great feature in Trade Santa. You can experiment with your settings first and let it run before using real money. Trade santa allow its user to try their own strategy in DCA Bots by providing the Virtual Trading feature for free for their users. This feature alone worth to try even if you are not using real money, you will get the real simulated result. 

Supported Exchanges

8  exchanges is supported for trading in Trade Santa Platform. 

Trade Santa Interface

Trade Santa user interface is very clean. It shows a clean dashboard which will help you to sort out the information quickly. They also shows some trading information such as top pair statistics, news, and current market price of BTC and ETH which is often used as a tools to gauge current crypto market condition. 

Pricing at Trade Santa

Trade santa has free version and paid version. You can still use its platform for free, but with very limited access to the feature and amount of bots and exchanges can be connected. But with the paid version, you can utilize the full strength of their platform. They offer 3 kind of subscription : Basic, Advance, and Maximum. With the affordable price 

Comparing Trade Santa vs Pionex


Pionex known popularly as Trading Bot Exchanges, an exchanges with 16+ free trading bot provided to its user to help them automize their trades and plans their trade better. Pionex licensed by U.S. FinCen and Singapore MSB license, making it trustworthy exchanges to trades on. Backed by investor from Gaorong Capital, ShunWei Capital, and ZhenFund with investment more than 10 million USD. 

Fees and Pricing

Trade Santa is connecting exchanges into their platform. Consequently, the trading fees is following the exchanges, which is around 0.1%-0.3% across multiple exchanges.
Aside from trading fees, Trade Santa will charge monthly plan in the coming months, so you will have extra “fees” for subscription to the platform.

Pionex has 0.05% trading fees in all market pair. This trading fee is 50% cheaper than the cheapest trading fee on 3Commas. Since trading bot will use a lot of transaction, trading fees is one of the most crucial part if you are trading with high frequency.
Pionex doesnt cost any monthly subscription fees. The platform is totally free. The only fees you pay is for the trading fee, which is already 50% more cheaper than most common exchanges.

Interface and Platform support

Pionex is available in Mobile platform (iOS and Android) and Web version. Trade Santa is also available in both mobile version and website. For some retail traders , most of them preferably use mobile platform right for the ease of access in daily life. 

One of difference between them is the updates. Pionex has much more frequents updates into their platform, making better and better User Interface and User Experience. Meanwhile, there isn’t many major updates on Trade SantaUI/UX. Although interface is personalized experience (every people has different opinion about it), but regular updates is showing how much resources and attention the team put into their business. 

Bots and Feature

You can learn the details about every feature or bots both platform provide in their blogs. This is some overview about what feature and what kind of bots that they provide

Trade Santa: 


Grid Bot

Smart Order

Futures Bot

Virtual Trading

Pionex :



Rebalancing Bot


Infinity Grid Bot

Leveraged Grid Bot

Margin Grid Bot

Reverse Grid Bot

Leveraged Reverse Grid Bot

Smart Trades

Trailing buy and sell


Arbitrage Bot

Martingale Bot (Coming soon) 

Bottom line

Trade Santa

Trade Santa is a trading platform that enables you to trades and track your account across several exchanges in one single platform. Trade Santa also provides you with several trading tools such as trading bots, portfolio tracker, and even back-testing tools to check your chosen strategy before you go trade with real money. Keep in mind, connecting your exchanges into 3rd party platform will requires an API Key, which is similar with the key to your house. You need to keep the API Key secret and never give it to anyone else besides yourself. 


Pionex is an exchanges with license from US and Singapore. This means that if you want to trade, you need to move the fund into Pionex platform. 

Pionex provide 13+ bots with very low exchanges compared to most popular exchanges (50% cheaper than them), making it the most efficient for using trading bot. If you are looking for exchanges with complete feature, Pionex is way to go.