Moonshot GRID Bot

Auto Laddering Buy and Sell
Mastering Your Emotion in 3 Steps

Pionex & Binance

Pionex is one of the biggest Binance brokers. Enjoy Binance liquidity and 12 free trading bots on Pionex.

95% of the Investors Failed to HODL Bitcoin

HODLing Bitcoin is hard. The best strategy to buy and HODL is not to buy and sell at a specific price, but to laddering buy and sell between $6000 to $60000

It’s Easier to HODL Bitcoin with the Moonshot GRID Bot!

Moonshot GRID Bot help retail investors HODL Bitcoin in a smart and easy way.
It helps you to laddering buy to a specific lower level, and laddering sell till a specific higher price!

· Features of the bot ·

Laddering Buy & Sell

Accumulate when the price drop, take profit while the price surge.

Conquer Your Emotions

Execute the orders with the assistance of the GRID Bot.

Ready to go on Both Desktop and Mobile.

An intuitive interface allows you to quickly launch your first bot.

· Moonshot in 3 Steps ·

Start the Bot. Ready for the Moonshot.

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