User Manual for Easy Earn

What is Easy Earn?

Easy Earn, through staking, asset hedging, and investment in structured products, provides stable growth in crypto for users seeking stable returns in the crypto system.

ETH Stable Income No.1

ETH Principal-Protected No.1 is the first Easy Earn product created by Pionex, providing you with a 4.5% to 12% annualized return in ETH. It relies on Pionex’s strict risk control system to fully ensure the transaction security of users.

Trading Rules

Subscriptions open every two weeks for a period of two days, and investments will be made for you a day after the Subscription window closes. The investment window is seven days, and funds will be returned to your account one day after maturity. Note: The minimum investment amount is 0.01 ETH.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does ETH Stable Earn No.1 achieve principal protection in ETH?
A: We use staking + option trading to help you earn. When the price of ETH is moving within a certain range, options trading will achieve up to 12% APR. When the price moves outside the range, staking will make sure your 4.5% APR.

Q: What is staking?
A: Staking, also known as Proof of Stake (PoS), refers to pledging tokens in a specific blockchain project to support the operation of the blockchain network and earn rewards through the PoS mechanism.

Q: Can I redeem before settlement?
A: Redemption is not supported before settlement, but the investment period is only seven days, so your funds will not be locked up for too long.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription before investment?
A: Cancellation is not supported after subscription. You have to wait until redemption.

Q: What is automatic reinvestment? What are the benefits of automatic reinvestment?
A: There is a period of time between the redemption of the previous round and the investment of the next round where your funds are not actively invested. With automatic reinvestment, you can invest your funds into Staking automatically during this period, earning an annualized percentage yield (APY) of 2.5% in ETH. This feature can help you maximize your profits and save time by avoiding the need to subscribe to each round of ETH Principal-Protected No.1 manually.

Q: How do I enable or disable automatic reinvestment?
A: You can enable automatic reinvestment when subscribing to the product, or modify the settings in Order Details after subscription. Please note that automatic reinvestment cannot be disabled during the last hour before the subscription period ends and the half hour before the redemption.

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