Pionex Staking Service Reminders

Before using Pionex Staking Service, please read through the following reminders and Pionex Terms of Service carefully. When you click on “I HAVE READ AND AGREE WITH THE ABOVE ”, it means that you have read, understood, and accepted all reminders on this page and Pionex Terms of Service.

1. Staking Service is a value-added service provided by Pionex that enables users stake their eligible Digital Asset. If you choose to stake ETH, your ETH will be staked at liquid staking of Lido protocol or stETH AMM pool of Curve protocol. Your rewards include Ethereum PoS staking incentives via Lido protocol and reward from Curve Protocol.

2. You agree to pay Pionex applicable fees for Staking Service. Pionex has the full discretion to decide and update the service fee at any time. Any updated fee will be applied to all transactions occurring after the effective date of updating. You authorize Pionex to deduct any applicable fees owed by you from your Pionex account under the terms of Staking Service.

3. Pionex has the right to allow or forbid certain users to use Staking Service. If necessary, Pionex has the full discretion to suspend or terminate Staking Service, including but not limited to forced redemption of staked assets.

4. You should understand the mechanism and risks of staking programs and read through Pionex Terms of Service carefully before using Staking Services. For the avoidance of doubt, no introduction, promotion, and support of any staking programs by Pionex shall be deemed as providing investment, tax, or legal advice.