Pionex Cross Margin Futures Grids Bot

What are the Cross Margin Futures Grids?

Cross Margin Futures Grids are new type of grid bot launched on Pionex.

In this bot you can create both a short grid and a long grid, and the two grids will share the margin.

As the margin is shared, the profits from one grid will effectively compensate for any margin deficiencies in the other grid, reducing your total required margin and increasing your capital utilization.

Which scenarios are suitable for the bot ?

It is suitable for most scenarios, because the creating and closing is quite flexible, and you can do it according to your needs:

When creating, you can choose to create a grid first, run it for a while and then create a reverse grid. And you can also create two grids at the same time;

When closing, you can also close grids separately or at the same time.

How to Create Cross Margin Futures Grids?

Step 1: Click on Trade on the home page of the Pionex app, enter ‘Bot – Create Robot’ page and find the entry .

Step 2, choose the futures you want, then click ‘add’ to set up a long grid or a short grid.

Step 3, fill in the grid settings, click the button at the bottom to add the grid.

Step 4, click the button at the bottom to create the Cross Margin Futures Grids.

Then the Cross Margin Futures Grids will be created, and you can see your grid on ‘my orders’ page.

If you have already created a grid and want to create the second grid, you can find the entry in ‘More’.


1. Do both grids have to be one long and one short, and trade the same futures?

Yes, the Cross Margin Futures Grids only supports creation of a long grid and a short grid on the same futures now.

2. Why does my long grid have two estimated liquidation prices?

The Cross Margin futures grids has “shared” liquidation price due to shared margin.

This means that if any one of the liquidation prices is triggered, both of your grids will be liquidated.

3. If I close one grid and keep the other running, will the funds return to my wallet?

No, if you still have one grid running, your bot will continue to run, and all funds will remain in your bot.

Only when you close the bot will the funds return to your wallet.

4. If I set ‘Take profit of both grids’ and ‘Take profit of long grid’ at the same time, will they conflict with each other?

No, there will be no conflict. Whichever take-profit condition is met first, will trigger first. The same applies to the stop-loss setting.

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