About trading bot parameter : Is the only risk in all the grip option available when the price get higher or lower than the parameter ?

As i want to use the margin or leverage.When the Al finish all transaction , will it start again automatically.? Is any advantage /disadvantages by wider / narrower the upend and bottom end of the price ?


The risk of loss is always there when the market is decreasing for normal market. Since you will buy token, deppreciation in token price means your overall holding value will decrease. On the other side, if coins fluctuates a lot, you will have profit from grid trading strategy , which is buy low sell higher. As long as the price keeps fluctuating, you will gain grid profit. While as long as the price going up to your upper price, you will gain unrealized profit.

AI will not start again automatically. In fact, the bot will not stop unless you manually close the bot, or use trigger price to stop the bot (take profit, stop loss).

Yes there’s advantage and disadvantage using wide and narrow price range. Narrow price range is efficient for short term period, but the market price often get out from the range which will lead to opportunity loss for you to buy or to sell. Wide price range is best practice for a long term period, it might suffer or profit a lot if the price decrease or increase (Unrealized profit factor is more significant in wide strategy vs narrow strategy). In my experience, long term bot is more likely seen to have 100%+ profit compared to narrow price range in the long run.

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