Securing Your Pionex Account

Pionex has prepared a list of 8 recommendations for how to improve the security of your Pionex account. See our list below:

1. Use a unique email address and password for your account

2. Getting KYC (Identity) verified of your account

Getting KYC verified can make your account more secure and safer. Besides, your withdrawal limit for 24 hours will be also increased.
For further KYC identity verification information, please read the announcement
How to verify KYC on Pionex

3. Enable 2FA on your Pionex account

2FA adds an extra layer of protection to your account in case your password is compromised.
How to enable 2FA

4. Always make sure to check the domain address you are visiting:

Many phishing sites mimic Pionex’s domain or website to trick you into telling them your personal details. Make sure you’re visiting the real site.

5. Don’t click links or open unknown attachments in emails

Unless you are absolutely sure the email was sent by Pionex.

6. Secure your computer

Don’t install unnecessary software on your computer, or software from untrusted developers.

7. Subscribe to good antivirus software, and keep it updated

8. Secure your internet connection

Please note that these tips are not exhaustive. On top of the above, please exercise vigilance and educate yourself further about general online security.