How to verify KYC on Pionex?

Getting KYC verified is the important step to trading in the Crypto Market, you may refer to【What is identity verification? (KYC)】to understand why this is necessary.

The Path on Pionex App:

  1. Login to your Pionex account on the App, Select “Account” -> “Settings” -> “Security” -> “Identity verification

2. Click “Verify” on the page, LV.1 verification will verify your location country and full legal name.

3. Please follow the instructions and read the notifications, after confirming all the information.
Click “Submit” to finish LV.1 Verification (KYC1)

4. If you need a higher withdrawal limit, you can directly verify LV.2 verification.

5. Select your countries/regions and submit the corresponding legal ID card for verification.

6. After taking a photo of your ID card and selfie, the system will verify, and usually the review will be finished within 15 – 60 minutes. You can leave the page temporarily and check the status later.

After finishing those steps, you will see LV.2 verification on your page. You can also buy the Crypto with a credit card (USDT) and then create your first trading bot on Pionex!

Please Caution:

  • Do not maliciously try to use another person’s ID card or use fake information for verification, Pionex may limit your account services.
  • Each user can only verify their own personal information on an account, multiple accounts will not be able to pass KYC.
  • Do not use watermarks when uploading documents or use photo editing software to take pictures of documents.

If you still have difficulty when doing the KYC process, please refer to
Pionex KYC identity verification FAQ