Pionex KYC identity verification FAQ

APP: Click “Account” ->Settings-> “Security” -> “Identity verification”
Web: Click your profile avatar on the top-right of the page then into “Account settings” -> “KYC” -> “Check detail”

If you see Failed to pass the verification, please click “Check“, the system will pop up the hint and show the specific failure reasons.

Common failed reasons and the methods you can check as follows:

1. All photos have not been uploaded yet

  • Confirm that the photos are uploaded successfully, and the submit button will be activated after the photos have been uploaded.

2. The webpage is out of date

  • The webpage stays for too long, you only need to refresh the page and upload all the photos again

3. The browser is abnormal

  • If the above methods cannot solve your problem, please try to use the Chrome browser for KYC submission. Or use the APP version.

4. The photo of the certificate is not complete

  • Ensure every edge of the document is included.

If you still can not verify your KYC, please send the email to service@pionex.com with the title “KYC failure” and provide your Pionex account Email/SMS in the content.

The KYC team will assist you to re-check the status for you, and reply via email.
Please wait patiently!