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Pionex Lite FAQ

  1. Introduction 

Pionex Lite is a product that supports U.S. dollar purchases of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The style of the APP is 「simple and convenience」, which minimizes the difficulty for users to use, so that users who do not understand Bitcoin or investment can easily use it. You can enjoy one-stop service through Pionex Lite, from USD to Bitcoin to trading robots. There is no need to learn complex blockchain knowledge. The trading robot only needs to open an order to realize 7×24 hours fully automated buying low and selling high.

The main functions of Pionex Lite include: wire transfer to buy bitcoin, blockchain transfer, purchase bitcoin/ethereum spot, open bitcoin/ethereum robot orders, etc.

2. Is it safe to use Pionex Lite?

Pionex Lite’s practices in compliance and user safety:

(1) Cooperate with compliance agencies CIRCLE and Paxos to ensure the compliance of U.S. dollar deposits and withdrawals.

(2) Only support safe countries, and prohibit use in high-risk countries and regions.

(3) If users want to use it, they must pass KYC first, and the bank card information submitted must be the same as the KYC information, and they can only be used after all of them are passed.    

3.  Pionex Lite handling fee.

Spot 0.05%

4.  How do I buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in Pionex Lite

Enter the homepage of APP and click【Buy】,choose【Directly buy】or【Buy with bot】,If you buy directly, you can view your coins in [Mine],if is【Buy with bot】Check the bot in the middle of the bottom [Bot] page

5.  Grid trading how to make money arbitrage

At present, the market is currently a volatile market, the best strategy is “Buy low and sell high”, it is difficult for ordinary people to buy and sell in time, but with the grid trading robot can automatically frequent trading, so that you can accurately take profits.

6.  How reset the 2FA

Please email “Reset 2FA” to 

7.  How to buy other crypocurrencies

If you’re already comfortable with the Pionex Lite features and want to try out more, you can use Pionex. Pionex APP download link:

Pionex Lite-Q&A Deposit and Withdraw

  1. How to deposit

Click deposit, and follow the process. However, before deposit, you need to complete the KYC.

  • How long will it take to deposit

The time you need depends on the bank you are using. Generally 1-5 working days.

  • How much is the deposit fee

The charge of deposit is mainly determined by the bank you use. After the money is remitted to Paxos or Circle , they will charge you a certain charge. If the refund is caused by your personal error, the third party will charge $50 as the refund fee.

Select Circle : 2 USD will be charged after the deposit is received.

Select Paxos: If you use a U.S. bank card, there will be no extra charge. A fee of $30 will be charged if you use a non-US bank card. In addition, There will be a transfer fee on the blockchain from paxos to Paxos. (The fee is uncertain, usually 10-20U )

  • How long does it take for kyc to verify

KYC verification takes about one day. You can check the progress in [Settings] – [KYC].

  • What are the matters needing attention for KYC
  • Please fill in the information accurately. If you fill in the information incorrectly, your recharge will be affected.
  • Photos are clear and unobstructed. Please make sure the photos are not blurry and the key information is unobstructed. Otherwise, it will not be approved.
  • A certificate and A sheet of paper with the words “Pionex Lite and the date” should be taken by yourself. 
  • How long does it take to add bank account information with Circle

Adding a bank account usually takes 1-3 work days to complete. In order to minimize the possibility of refund and increase the probability of successful recharge, we will conduct a preliminary check after you submit your bank account information, but we still cannot ensure that the information is completely correct. If the remittance fails due to incorrect bank card information, we will not compensate.

  • How long does it take to make a withdrawal

It is expected that you will receive the withdrawal within 1-5 working days. If you still do not receive the withdrawal within 5 working days, you can contact us.

8.How do I view, modify, and delete bank information that I have added when making withdrawals with Paxos?

Please go to the Paxos  website, log into your Paxos account and select “Settings” in the upper right corner. You can modify it in the Settings.

9.How much is the service charge for one withdrawal

Bank card withdrawal:

Circle:Withdrawal fee Circle receives $30 (excluding the fee charged by the receiving bank upon receipt, which may be charged by some banks)

Paxos: $20 handling fee for US banks; Other regional banks charge a $30 handling fee.

Blockchain withdrawals:When the withdrawal is less than 1000BUSD, the handling fee is 10BUSD; over 1000BUSD,The handling fee is 0.1%

10.What’s the withdrawal limit

Bank card withdrawal:30,000 U/24 hours,If you need a temporary increase, please send an email to “” and let us know the amount of money you want to transfer. We will tell you what materials you need to provide.

Blockchain withdrawals:15,000BUSD/24 hours before passing KYC and 300,000BUSD/24 hours after passing KYC.

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