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Paxos Registration Tutorial | Pionex Lite

Paxos website:

This text is only for teaching and does not do any endorsement.

Tap 【Open Account】

If the submission is unsuccessful for the Apple mobile phone, please click [Settings]-[Safari], set [Block cross-site tracking] and [Block all cookies] to the state shown in the screenshot and then switch back to normal use .

After the first step is completed, enter the mailbox and use the address provided by the mailbox to re-enter the registration page again.

This requires the installation of the Google Authenticator APP to protect your account security. It must be installed, otherwise you cannot continue.

After downloading the Google Authenticator, click the「+」, and choose to scan the dimension code to scan the code. You will find that there is an extra set of numbers in the Google Authenticator. This set of numbers changes every 30 seconds. You need to enter this group of numbers in the position shown in the screenshot, and fill in the device name at will. 

Address cannot exceed 35 characters per line 

For this step, please prepare your credentials in advance and ensure that you are in a brighter place, because face recognition authentication is required in the follow-up. Please be patient during face recognition authentication. If you still fail to pass, please try to change your mobile phone or change the environment. 

Please wait for the review after all is completed. This will take about 1 working day. Please pay attention to the registered email in time. You may need to provide other materials, but please do not panic and submit the materials normally.

After successful registration, enter Pionexlite and click Authorize. If the authorization page below is not displayed after logging in to Paxos, click Return in the upper left corner and click Authorize again.

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