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Wire Transfer Tutorial

1.Please use your bank APP or website to initiate a wire transfer.

If you are using a U.S. bank card, please fill in the information for domestic transfer in the U.S.;

If you are using a non-US bank card, please choose international wire.

2. Enter the wire information provided by Pionex Lite correctly.


① U.S. bank cards usually use ABA numbers, while non-U.S. bank cards usually use SWIFT codes.

② The name of the recipient postscript is different in each bank, But they all have same meanings. Please fill in it correctly, otherwise the wire may fail and the handling fee may be lost.

③ The information provided to you does not necessarily need to be filled in completely, just fill in according to the needs of your bank.

④ If you find any information and don’t know how to fill it in, please Please email us. Email :

3. After the wire is completed, wait patiently. Generally, the time for international wire transfer is 1-5 working days. If you have not received the wire for a long time, please check whether you have received the mail in your mail box. If you receive the email, just reply normally.

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