How do I transfer my cryptocurrency to Pionex?

In this tutorial, I’m going to work you through how to transfer your funds from Coinbase.

Which assets should I use for transferring funds between exchanges?

To avoid price fluctuations while transferring assets, we recommend using stable coins rather than other cryptocurrencies. If you’re fine with USDT, then you could use USDT on TRC20 network. It’s free and fast. But if USDT is not your type and you’re more comfortable with USDC, it’s also available on Coinbase.

Transfer the assets from Coinbase

Coinbase is the best fiat gateway for investors in the United States. It’s fully regulated and the biggest exchange in the US.

How to transfer USDC from Coinbase to Pionex?

Step 1. Get your Pionex USDC address on the deposit page

  1. Click the black triangle and select USDC.
  2. Select ERC20 network.
  3. Click “COPY”.
Deposit Page on Pionex

Step 2. Visit the withdrawal page on Coinbase, select USDC

1. Click “Home”

2. Click “USD Coin”

3. Enter the amount you want to send

4. Enter the address you copied in Pionex

7. Click “Continue” and enter your password

Coinbase withdraw page

You’ll see the USDC in your Pionex account about 1 hour after withdrawal.

What’s next?

Congratulation! You have now deposited USDT or USDC into your Pionex account and are ready for the automated trading bots. Before starting the bot, there’re few more tutorials that you might be interested in:

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