BTC/ETH Moon – The Best crypto strategy for Beginners

The advantage of BTC/ETH Moon is to diversify risk and hold a spot position in the long-term. It will catch every chance based on market volatility. You can enjoy stable arbitrage profits and trend profits with rising crypto prices, which is very suitable for beginners.

What is BTC/ETH Moon

This strategy is developed by Pionex first. After a few years of confirming in the real market, the highest income has reached 21 times.
Simply put, BTC/ETH Moon uses Pionex grid trading bot technology. According to the current price, AI will recommend parameter settings depending on the historical data. When the currency price fluctuates within the price range of the BTC/ETH Moon, the bot will continuously earn grid profit 24/7. And grid profits can be released and make your funds usage more flexibly.

Good helper for crypto beginners

  • No idea for choosing trading pairs: When you are holding USDT and don’t know how to open the grid robot, and are also not sure which trading pair is more suitable to create a grid trading bot BTC/ETH Moon will solve your problem.
  • Become a rational investor: Using AI trading method to buy low, sell high continuously in a jumpiness crypto market. Overcome the human weaknesses of market emotions, fear & greed.
  • No need to stare at the market trend all the time: Pionex trading bot will work 24/7, making profits for you nonstop.
  • Low-risk investment: Since the bot is to buy low and sell high with spot positions, there is no need to worry about losing everything.

The steps to create BTC/ETH Moon

  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Find the Trade” button on the top-left bar tools
  3. There are [BTC Moon] and [ETH Moon] on the right-hand side of the page.

Take [ETH Moon] as an example. We click the [CREATE] button next to [ETH Moon].

The system will help us complete the bot parameter settings. We only need to slide the bar to select the investment amounts, and then click the the【CREATE】button to create the bot order.

BTC/ETH Moon Parameter Introduction

  • Total profit = Grid profit + Unrealized profit
  • Grid Profit = The profit generated by the grid bot buying low and selling high
  • Unrealized profit= (Current price-purchase cost) * number of tokens of bot held
  • Grid annualized=[(Grid profit/investment)/(Lasting time/365)]*100%
  • Total annualized= [(Total profit/investment)/(Lasting time/365)]*100%


Q: What should I do if the bot is at a loss?
A: When you create the bot, the bot will use part of the investment to buy the spot and place sales orders based on the parameter setting. Since the bot is holding some of the spot positions, orders may fluctuate due to the crypto price change. If you can hold it in the long-term, losses will eventually become profits.

Q: is the fund utilization rate of the bot not efficient?
A: Moon bot order would always hold a part of the USDT for price drops. Some of your USDT will not be used under normal circumstances. This is for the risk control purpose so that you can have flexible funds usage in the market. When the currency price drops, the bot will buy for you in batches.

Q: Why my order is showing mBTC/mETH?
A: Due to the price of BTC and ETH being much high, when your investment amounts are less than 3500USDT, the system will automatically use mBTC/mETH to create an order to obtain a higher fund utilization rate, 1BTC=1000mBTC (same as ETH).

Q: My assets do not meet the minimum investment amount to create the BTC/ETH Moon bot, what bot should I choose?
A: According to the current market conditions, creating a BTC/ETH Moon bot requires a minimum investment of about $200. If your fund is less than $200, then we suggest that you can choose Grid Bot – AI Strategy to create a bot, please click here to view the specific creation steps. With this method, you can create a grid bot for as little as a dozen dollars.

Risk Warning: There are huge risks in cryptocurrency transactions, please purchase with caution and pay attention to the risks. Please note that Pionex is not responsible for any guarantee, or compensation of your transactions.

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