The minimum investment required to start on Pionex

How much do I need to invest in a trading bot?

The minimum required amount depends on the coin you choose and the parameter setting. You could see the minimum restriction for running the bot.

What’s should I do if I want to test with small amounts?

You can create a bot with no less than 11 USDT. If you are new to Pionex, we recommend over 50 USDT to test the bot. It will be suitable for almost all the bots and parameters. mBTC/USDT pair is also an option you can try. It allows you to create Grid Trading Bot with a lower minimum investment.

What’s the calculation of the minimum investment

The minimum required amount is calculated with the parameter setting of “Lower price”, “Upper price” and “Grids”. The system will according to those parameters place an order and satisfy the minimum quantity needed for you.

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