How to Withdraw from Pionex

Regarding how to withdraw Crypto, you need to confirm the token and network you want to withdraw from Pionex to an external exchange/wallet.

You can select the token you want to withdraw on Pionex’s withdrawal page, which lists all the coins that Pionex supports withdrawing.

The withdrawal path on Pionex:


Account page > Withdraw > The page will show the crypto you have and the number of withdrawable tokens. After that, you need to select the blockchain (network) and enter the address and amount. You can also see the remaining quota within 24 hours and the fee on the page.


Pionex home page > Wallet > Withdraw > Select the Crypto you want to withdraw and double-check that blockchain (network) which is supported by Pionex and the external exchange/wallet.

Next, you need to select the same Crypto and network in the external exchange/wallet and obtain the corresponding deposit address.

After obtaining the address and memo/tag (If needed), please copy and paste them to the Pionex withdrawal page (you can also scan the QR code). Lastly, submit the withdrawal request.

Note: Certain tokens need to be filled in with a memo/tag during withdrawal. If there is a memo/tag on this page, please enter all the correct information when transferring assets to avoid losing your assets.

  1. Cross-chain deposits will cause the transaction to fail (Meaning the networks which were selected on both sides are different).
  2. The withdrawal fee is displayed on the withdrawal page and will be deducted from the transaction by Pionex.
  3. If the withdrawal is completed at Pionex, but the deposit side does not receive the tokens, you need to check the transaction with the other exchange or wallet.

Q: Why is my [Available] less than [Total balance]?
A: Account funds are usually occupied for the following reasons:
1. The running trading bots normally make the funds locked and unable to be withdrawn.
2. Manually placing sell or buy limit orders normally makes the funds locked and unable to be used.

Path on web-version: “Pionex home page” — “Wallet” — “Overview” — switch into “Primary” account. Select the cryptocurrencies you want to check and click “Occupation” You could check which bot or order is currently occupying your assets.

Q: What’s the minimum withdrawal amount?
A: Please check on the [fees] page or the [Withdrawal] page

Q: If I only hold a small amount, how to withdraw it?
A: We suggest that you can convert them into XRP (Mainnet), or ETH (BSC) with a small minimum withdrawal limit and fees.

Q: What’s the MEMO, Tag?

A: MEMO is optional. For example, you need to provide the MEMO when sending funds (e.g. ATOM) to another Pionex account or to another exchange.

  • If you input the wrong address or forgot to input some necessary information (like a Memo for some coin), Pionex won’t cover the loss for you.
  • Note that some platforms and wallets refer to the MEMO as Tag or Payment ID.

Q: Why is my withdrawal reviewing time so long?
A: Withdrawing a huge amount needs manual review due to security risk considerations.
If your withdrawal has been more than one hour at this stage, please contact Pionex online customer service for further help.

Q: My withdrawal has been completed, but I haven’t received it yet.
A: Please check the transfer status on the withdrawal transaction page.
If the status shows [Complete], meaning the withdrawal request has been processed. You can check the status on the blockchain (network) through the link of “Transaction ID (TXID)”.
If the status results on the blockchain (network) show successful/completed, but you still have not received the transfer, please contact customer service from the received exchange/wallet for confirmation.