How to view Deposit status on Pionex

The Deposit process on Pionex:

Withdrawal on external wallets success > Blockchain Confirmation > Deposit to Pionex account

  1. Please confirm that the withdrawal status of the platforms or wallets that initiated the withdrawal is displayed as completed.
  2. And the “Status” field of the transfer has been successfully displayed on the blockchain scan.
  3. If the above statuses show that it has been completed, it does not mean that the transfer will be successfully deposited on Pionex. Please wait for the block confirmations that have met the requirement.

According to the blockchain transfer used by different networks, each transfer transaction will take a certain amount of time to confirm.
For example, Depositing the BTC with the BTC network (mainnet) requires 3 block confirmations. If there is only 1 block confirmation at present, it will not show on your Pionex account. At this time, please wait patiently.

After waiting for the block confirmations, You will see the deposit automatically on Pionex, thank you!

How to check deposit status by yourself

Please copy and click the TxID on the withdrawal page of the external wallets/platforms

We will take the Binance page as an example, to show you how to check those information.

Transaction ID consists of a 64-bit string. TxID is also known as Hash, TxID, Transfer ID…etc on other platforms or wallets.


Enter the blockchain scan explorer

You can check the coin and the network to choose the corresponding explorer via CoinMarketCap.

In this example, we will go to BscScan to check the deposit status of the USDT transfer with the BEP20(BSC) network.


How to know the transfer progress

You could check the transfer progress through the TxID on the corresponding block explorer.

If the Status show Success but the block Confirmations do not fulfill the requirement on Pionex. Please wait patiently.


If you have already checked all the statuses that are successful but you still have not received your assets. Or you find out that you are using the wrong Networks/Coins that Pionex does not support. 

Please fill out this form to apply to find back your assets on the blockchain. 
(Please Notice that not every kind of coin can be found, thanks for your understanding)

This process will usually take 14-20 working days (Excluding weekends, and holidays), and depending on the complicated level of the process, we will charge 20 – 65 USD or Equivalent coins as the procedure fees.