How to view Deposit status at Pionex

If you deposit Crypto to Pionex through an external exchange/wallet, but you have not received the cryptocurrency from Pionex, you can confirm whether the withdrawal record in the external exchange/wallet is “Completed.”

In addition, you can check the withdrawal process status in the blockchain browser and confirm whether it is marked as completed.

How to check the transaction process on the blockchain browser

You can search for the cryptocurrency you deposit through CoinMarketCap, and click on the blockchain browser to select the blockchain network you are using.

Take USDT-BSC (BEP20) as an example, and you can search for USDT on CoinMarketCap, then click on the blockchain browser, select bscscan, and enter the BSC blockchain browser.

Then, you can paste the TXID obtained by the external exchange/wallet on the BSC blockchain network to check the process of the deposit.

Need to confirm:

  1. Whether the result/status field is displayed as complete/success
  2. Whether the number of block confirmations is sufficient

You can select the cryptocurrency you deposit and the blockchain network you are using on the deposit page of Pionex, and the page will display the number of block confirmations required to arrive at the account. (also take USDT-BSC (BEP20) as an example)

If you confirm that the withdrawal status of the exchange/wallet that initiated the withdrawal is completed, the “Result/Status” field of the transfer on the blockchain browser is successful, and the number of confirmations is sufficient, please wait patiently for 30 minutes, Pionex will be credited soon.

If it exceeds the above time, but you have not received the cryptocurrency, please provide the following information, and we will confirm the process of the deposit for you as soon as possible:

  1. Your Pionex account (Email or phone number)
  2. The name of the currency you are depositing, the amount of the deposit, and the chain (network) that initiated the withdrawal
  3. TXID
  4. The name of the exchange or wallet that initiated the withdrawal
  5. A screenshot of the withdrawal details of the exchange or wallet that initiated the withdrawal

What is TXID? How to check?

TXID is the transaction record on the blockchain browser, called Tx Hash, Transaction ID, Transaction ID, Transaction Hash, Transfer ID, etc., in different exchanges.

You can find the withdrawal’s TXID in the withdrawal record at the external exchange/wallet.