I currently hold Etherium Classic on Coinbase and was looking to transfer it to my Pionex account for Bots to manage.As sent (no longer pending) the funds still have not arrived in Pionex.

Have tried to send a small % of this Etherium as a test to ETH(Mainnet) address listed on Pionex and despite the transaction on Coinbase recognising

I was wondering if you can assist me further. The internet has been little help in helping to resolve this matter.


Usually ERC20 tokens takes less than 1-2 hours. If it takes longer, you need to check the blockchain explorer and see the status of the transfer.

Keep in mind if you are using smart contract transfer, it might takes way longer than the normal transfer. Please use normal transfer instead of smart contract transfer if possible.

If the problem is still exist, you can submit ticket to service@pionex.com and write the details of your issues with your registered email account.

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