I manage a Crypto Fund which looks to take advantage of various arbitrage opportunities. I am interested in depolying a % of our assets into your Arbitrage bot

But and trying to run some calculations based on historical data.If we use your example in your overview which shows a 27% return @ 1X and 36% return @ 2X, I am trying to calculate what the estimated return would be if I reinvested all of the 50% of the profits back into the bot if I release profits every 7 days. Can I add funds to the current bot or do I have to start a new one? If I can add to the existing bot, can I have multiple bots running the same pair, i.e.: If I am running ETH/USDT and I am unable to add funds to the existing bot, and want to release profits every 7 days, can I can new bots with the same pairs? Using your example of $3.33 USDT per 8 hour cycle or, $9.99 per day times 7 or $69.93/ week, I will be adding 50% or $34.96 back into the bot which would increase my investment to $10,034.96, then continue to compound weekly. I guess this is a long winded way of asking how difficult it is to add profits to the bot as I will be deploying a lot more than $10,000.Thanks


You can use the “Release Profit” function of our Spot-Futures Arbitrage Bot, but you can only operate it when your contract position is profitable.

Since the original arbitrage profit will be added to the contract account as margin, if the contract account of your bot keeps losing money, it cannot be withdrawn.

Also, you can use the profit released from your bot to add investment on it or complement more margin to keep your arbitrage away from liquidation.
For details, please take a look at our tutorial: https://www.pionex.com/blog/pionex-arbitrage-bot/

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