Tutorials – Buy Crypto

Pionex has provided purchase crypto with fiat currency (You need to pass KYC LV.2 first)


Buy crypto – Express

You can use your fiat currency to purchase cryptocurrency on the Purchase page. Currently, we provide USDT for purchasing. Meanwhile, Fiat that we support is as follows: USD, EUR, TWD, GBP, THB, CAD, KRW, IDR, MYR, VND, JPY, AUD, SEK, CHF, DKK, NOK, PLN, ZAR, HRK, HUF, RSD, CZK, BGN, SAR, QAR, KWD, BHD, AED.

Select the crypto you want to purchase with, enter the quantity, select a service provider, and complete the purchase.


Account – Deposit – Fiat Deposit – Express

Select the crypto you want to purchase with, enter the quantity, select a service provider, and complete the purchase.

Steps for purchasing

  1. Select the platform to use (Simplex/BANXA/AlchemyPay), and enter the purchase amount. The system will automatically convert the USDT you are expected to obtain. After confirming that the information is correct, click Buy on the payment page. (Tips: You can choose to pay USD or other fiat currency to complete the purchases. In addition, currently, credit card only supports Visa or Mastercard, not UnionPay or JCB)
  2. After entering the payment page, you will be directed to Simplex/BANXA/AlchemyPay. Please fill in your credit card-related information, billing address, and personal details in sequence and accurately.
  3. Follow the system prompts for verification
  4. According to Simplex/BANXA/AlchemyPay regulations, personal identification documents must be uploaded, and three options such as passport/identity card/driver’s license are provided for verification
  5. The system will access the transaction verification confirmation page of your personal bank, please use the relevant verification method of the bank of the credit card you use to verify. If there is an error code for authorization error, please try again. Once the authorization is complete, will submit your request successfully.
  6. You can check the history of your payment in the order history. If the status is displayed as “pending”, it means that your payment is still being processed, which can be completed within 10-30 minutes. If the deposit has been successfully made, the status will be displayed as “paid”, and you can find the amount in the deposit history on Pionex. If it failed, which means that the payment failed, but the payment was not actually deducted. If it shows complete and your account has not been credited for more than an hour, please contact customer service.

The following tips might help you during the payment process:

  1. Choose the payment method that you want, and the fee may vary from the different payment methods.
  2. The Service Provider may ask you for further KYC Verification.
  3. Please fill in English if possible. Meanwhile, we also recommend you use the ID documents that have the international ID version.
  4. Don’t use a scanned image or a photo that has been edited when you upload your ID document, it will be rejected by the Service Provider.
  5. You will submit a payment request to your card issuer after you’ve filled in all the information, and sometimes you’ll fail the payment because of the decline by your card issuer.
  6. If you come across a decline by the issuing bank, please try again or use another card. 
  7. If you complete the payment, please double-check your email address, and the service provider will send your order details to your mailbox (it may be in your spam, please double-check).
  8. You will get your cryptocurrency after every process has been approved. You can check the order status in the “Orders“-“Buy Crypto Orders” – “Bought”.
  9. For any other questions, you can contact Customer Support directly.

If you have any advice on Fiat Deposit, please contact our product manager directly (shelly@pionex.com). We’re willing to gather more information to help you find the best Fiat Deposit method in your local area.