I am running the sol/btc Infitity bot and it has dropped significantly below my lower limit (like by 15-20%) and all sell orders are waiting at each grid level for the price to bounce back, which I believe will happen, would I benefit from

Closing the IBot; not selling sol/btc; and re-running it with a new lower limit if I believe the SOL will outpace BTC from current price and want to enjoy gains over next 15-20% rebound or better off simply holding?Thanks


When closing an Infinity bot, system will remind you to choose ” Please sell ” or ” Don’t sell ” for the order.

If you chose ” Please sell “, the SOL in your order will sell with the market price directly by system and return into USDT to your portfolio.

If you chose ” Don’t sell “, the remain SOL and USDT will return back to your portfolio of tradable amount. You can therefore have other uses of it.

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