"BTC/USDT –If the price drops too much and goes out of the GRID and all my buy orders are filled I will still have bought the BTC ( may be not at the best price) but I will have my BTC – ( better then just holding it) .If the price goes too high and out of the GRID then I will have all my SELL order filled and no more pending orders and I will have all my profit in USDT ?"


When the market price is lower than your price section, all of your buy orders will be executed. The bot will hold BTC and as the market price rise up and return to the price section you set, bot will operate with “buy low and sell high” strategy again.

Although your unrealized profit will become negative when the market price isn’t within the section you set, the unrealized profit won’t cause actual losses to your profits as long as you don’t close the bot. So please don’t be anxious at all.

When the market price is higher than your price section, all your sell orders will be executed. At this time, your grid profit will be at the maximum status, and your unrealized provide will become minimized because your bot keeps a small amount of BTC. You can choose to close the order and convert all into USDT to a tradable amount for further uses

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