Have a question with margin bots :) if I am running a Btc/usd bot to accumulate more Bitcoin. If it falls below my lower limit, is there anyway to close the position and keep the Bitcoin?

If I add more btc as margin, will it still sell the Btc to pay off the usd loan? Any way I could top up with usdt to prevent any selling

(I am talking about trying to keep the Btc the margin grid is buying, not your original collateral Btc)

Lets say my lower limit is 27k for BTC, if it goes below, the bot would stop* trading. So I want to avoid a situation where the bot is just holding the bitcoin it bought with loaned USD (paying interest) while not doing anything. In which case, I would much prefer to somehow pay back the loan and just close the bot and hodl the bitcoin

hope that makes sense


Running a btc-usdt margin grid bot means you have you have your trade in btc and most gains made woud be in btc. in a case price falls below the grid. you can close the trade without selling to kee your trading assets. this can be done by choosing “dont sell” when closing the bot

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