If I have a margin position (say BTC/USDT) and it is currently in red, is there a way to close the position, but add collateral/margin so I can just buy out the position? instead of selling the btc and realizing the loss, i'm happy to hodl

I just want to avoid a situation where it’s just accumulating interest for months/years, I rather have the crypto, maybe earn some yield, maybe recreate another grid with it etc


You can check it on the running bot. click on the Bitcoin simbol near the close button, you can adjust margin there, add or withdraw

That kind of method is not available yet in the current margin bot unfortunately, but i find it interesting too since you kinda use btc and usdt as the collateral (since you want to pay the usdt with usdt instead of btc)

Also if you are in the long side, it is easier to use leverage grid over margin grid. I usually use margin grid to “short” since i borrow the token and hoping can buy it back lower later, have you try it out ?

The leveraged grid

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