Would you say this is better than just following the default AI settings at 99 Grids, specially for Alt coins?

lt coins also offer more than 500% Backtesting annualized return so I guess bigger returns than BTC.Since some alt coins trends look similar to the charts of BTC/mBTC


Manual settings usually yields more profit compared to the AI settings if you know how the variable works and how Bot use that variable. You can learn the depth information about how Grid Bot works in our blogs.

AI Settings is coming from the last 7d or 30d market movement. It backtest the market for that long. If the future market behave the same as the latest market condition, it’s result will approximately close with the result from backtesting.

But as we know, it is almost impossible to predict the future. Instead of predicting the future, grid bot can help you to lower your risk in trading by put multiple of buy and sell orders. This will help you to average out the buying price and selling price, and even more if the price keeps fluctuating, you’ll gain the profit from fluctuations.

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