Why in grid bot , first it buy half of balance ? I want it buy all of my money in some grids , no half in first and half in grids. Can it do ? Is there any settings?

My means is that if i have 1000$ , and my number grids is 10 , i want to it buy 10 times in each level with 100 $

No 500$ first and 500$ reaming in 10 grids that each grid is 50$


If you have price range 1000 – 2000, and current price 1500

It needs to put buy order from 1000-1500 , and sell orders from 1500-2000

Buy order is buying with USDT, sell order is selling with token.

If you make the loewr price range 1500-2200, it means it has no order buy , Thus the bot will use all usdt to buy token because it no needs USDT to put buy orders

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