My pionex gains are always half of the gains I would have through hodl

I would have roughly 5% without grid bot

Started at 2227

200 grids


The bot is actively trading your position. Also when the investment is xxx usdt, when the current price is in the middle of your range, the bot only have 50% tokens held, so it is expected if the price keeps appreciating it would be lower profit in the short term compared to holding

But in the long run, more volatility will gives bot more opportunities to make profit

Of course if you can manually trade the bottom and sell the top, it is the best trade. Only if you can do that. The bot helps average out profit and loss while also profit from fluctuations

Suits yourself, are you a hodlers or trader.

Also if you want to hold while trading, use Infinity bot not grid bot. This 2 bot serve different purposes

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