Hi!If I use the grid bot to hodl, does that mean that I’ll increase the initial starting price average? And when I stop the Bot, can I get BTC back or it has to be BUSD/ USDT? Also can you explain more about the advanced setting- i.e. the “Investment button” and the grid mode?


If you want using Grid Bot for Holding, you can prefer using Moon Bot or Infinity Bot since these 2 bots will have a better result if the price of tokens is increase compared to normal Grid Bot.

Since you starting with USDT and let the bot buy BTC, your return fund usually will be in the mix of them, with the option to sell the BTC back into USDT so you’ll get all USDT instead of the BTC (this is optional when you trying to close the bot)

For Advance settings, it has 3 additional features, Trigger Price (It is for you if you want to only start the bot after reaching certain price), Take Profit (this feature is to auto stop the bot after it reaching the take profit price), and Stop Loss (this is for having a stoploss if the price keeps dumping, so you wont hold the token all way down and can stop-loss from it)

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