What is EB bot?

EB bot is a grid bot based on ETH and BTC. Its operation involves holding BTC and leveraging the price fluctuations in the ETH/BTC trading pair to achieve arbitrage.

Simultaneously, it can capitalize on the opportunities for the increasing value of BTC, generating stable returns. In comparison to USDT trading pairs, the price fluctuations in ETH/BTC are more stable, making it an ideal tool for medium to long-term investments.

Why choosing EB bot?

Choosing to trade ETH/BTC comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, the value of mainstream currencies is relatively stable, with high trading volumes and superior liquidity, contributing to a reduction in trading risks. Furthermore, trading in the ETH/BTC pair avoids investments in high-risk altcoins, offering a safer alternative.

Advantage of the EB bot

EB bot’s features include 100% capital utilization, volatility arbitrage, and extremely low risk. Its exclusive algorithm not only dynamically adjusts parameters but also provides a higher number of grids based on the investment amount, adding flexibility to arbitrage trading.


The ETH/BTC trading pair provides better opportunities to capitalize on price fluctuations. Additionally, the strategy of holding spot positions and waiting for upward trends allows for long-term benefits. High trading volumes and liquidity contribute to stable arbitrage opportunities, making it particularly prominent in bullish markets and an ideal choice for seizing wealth-building opportunities.

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