There is something that I do not understand about the bot, let’s say I invested 500usdt and 1% between grids every time I reach that 1%, I should sell 5usd that would be my profit for every 1% without shipping in the profits per grids it gives me 0.14 usdt then my question would be , earn 5usdt for every 1% or 0.14 usdt?


it is depending on the grid number you use, but the simple answer is it is not the 5usdt.

Lets say you use 100usdt investment and put 11 grids. This means that every grids is using 10 usdt.
Current price is 1000. Your range is 1000 – 1900.

What the bot do is it buy 0.1 tokens and spread this 0.1 tokens into (11-1) order which is 10 order.

Now the bot will put sell order 0.01 tokens at 1100, 1200, 1300, ….. 1900.

If the price is reaching 1100, you have 2 kind of profit at this time. The first one is the 0.01 tokens sold in 1100, and the second one is the 0.09 tokens which still waiting to be sold but its value is already up 10% from 1000. The first profit is called Grid Profit or Realized Profit since it has been realized into usdt become 11 usdt , meanwhile the 0.09 tokens worth of 99. So now your total USDT is 110 (1 grid profit + 9 unrealized profit). After the 1st sell order filled, it will use the 10 out of 11 usdt to put buy order 0.01 tokens at 1000.

If the price is going back and forth in the 1100 and 1000 ten times, you’ll get 10 grid profit + 9 unrealized profit. This grid profit is rely on the market fluctuations to fill the buy order and sell order back and forth. Some bots might have hundreds or thousands of transaction in a week, it depends on the settings and market situation

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