Reset Google Authenticator

You can reset your Google Authenticator via Pionex website or APP. The safety of your account will reduce dramatically after you reset it. Please make sure to use the function of resetting your Google Authenticator.

Web Version of Resetting Google Authenticator

Please click【Your Account】on the right hand side above and enter your personal page of Pionex. Next, please click【UNBIND】of【Google Authenticator】to apply for it.

App Version of Resetting Google Authenticator

Please click【Account】-【Security】-【2-Factor authentication】-【Google Authenticator】from APP and find【Reset Google Authenticator】.

*Note: Only when your Pionex account had already bound Google Authenticator can use the function of resetting Google Authenticator.

The Procedure of Unbinding Google Authenticator

The procedure of unbinding Google Authenticator includes two steps on both APP and WEB. Let’s take APP as an example.

I have current 2FA

Please fill in the 6-digits number of Google Authenticator and you can directly unbind the Google Authenticator of your Pionex account.

I’ve lost my 2FA

You should fill in answers of three verification questions and answer two or more of the verification questions correctly, then you are available for unbinding your Google Authenticator. Please follow the steps below:

a) E-mail account registration of Pionex

i. Please verify the password of your Pionex account first.

ii. Please fill in the 6-digits email verification code. Email verification code will sent your mailbox automatically. The email verification code is valid within 5 minutes.

iii. Please answer three verification questions with your answer, which are the sign-up date of your Pionex account, the username you set up for your Pionex account (Please fill in “None” for not setting up the username.) and the kind of bots you had created and the pairs you created with those bots.

Forgot Password and Google Authenticator

Please click【Forgot Password?】on【Sign in】page, and input the email address which you sign up for your Pionex account for resetting password. After entering the page of【2-Factor authtication】page, please click【Lost Google 2FA?】and follow the steps to finish the procedure of it.

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