Pionex Affiliate Program | $1000 a Day Is Not That Hard!

Why should I join Pionex Affiliate Program?

Earn passive income! You’ll get the commission from every friends you referred to Pionex.

How to apply for the program?

Once you have 10 invites all running bots on Pionex, you could contact the team through service@pionex.com and enable 20% commission rebate for you.

Please refer to the team about a higher level of commission.


If you meet one of the following standard, you can apply for the affiliate program.

  1. You have invited 10 users who has created the grid trading bot through Pionex referral program.
  2. You have a YouTube channel with more than 5,000 subscribers.
  3. You are the admin of a telegram group or other chatting groups, and there are more than 50 active users.
  4. You have an instagram account with more than 10,000 fans.

Invite friends to join Pionex now to start earning passive income with the referral program!

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  1. It’s amazing that some of our users have made more than $1000 PER DAY!!! Just by joining our affiliate program.
    Let me know your suggestions about our affiliate program!

    • Hi
      Some of us do not have You tube and Instagram for various reasons, however we are able to invite 10 people to join Bot.
      How can I benefit from the referral program without having a You Tube an Instagram Channel?

  2. I would love to sign up for the affiliate program

  3. Questions, so their is no referral link to give out to friends to sign up under to keep track of who i have referred?

  4. do you get commissions from referrals that use the futures arbitrage bot ?

    • Currently no. The commissions only available while your referrals trading in spot or leveraged tokens with taker orders.
      But futures arbitrage bot is a great tools to attracts some referrals IMO.

  5. Magnus Mpasi Siteketa
    Magnus Mpasi Siteketa

    Please assist me with the affiliate program?

  6. Question 1: Where can I redeem BUB?
    Question 2: Is there a way to check how much transaction volume each user has?

    • Hello Tom,
      1. BUB will be distributed every month for the valid referrals.
      2. Currently no. What’s the purpose for?

      • 1: thx!
        2: I wish I had a way to find out how much my settings and users via my affiliates are trading per USDT per month or total.
        The affiliate item screen is fine, so if you know how much you can achieve the trading volume of 20000 USDT or 50000 USDT that BUB can get, it will be an encouragement for future invitations.

  7. When there’s a will, there’s a way!!!…

  8. if you only have 1 referral (and he does well over 20k trading volume ) and you have a 260k sub youtube channel
    could you still get into the 20% rebate program?

  9. I have facebook group 15k members,26k followers page but no Youtube channel and Instagram.
    Can I join affiliate program ?

  10. I dont have an Instagram with 10k followers but I do have a site that gets 85k organic hits a month and a Youtube channel with over 27k subs as well

  11. Is the commission based on your referred person’s trades?

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