Let’s say I have $1000 in USDT in my Pionex account, and I only want ONE grid trading bot trading BTC/USDT on Pionex.

Do I start the bot with the full $1000 or do I start with a smaller amount, and then the bot automatically adds more of my USDT as the price fluctuates? Thanks!


If you have no experience before using the grid bot , it is suggested for you using the lowest minimum possible for the first time bot. You can check the minimum investment for BTC/USDT Grid bot when you are trying to create the bot. As far as i know, nowadays AI settings would need 400-600 minimum. If you prefer to use lower investment for the first time , i suggest using MBTC/USDT Pair which is Milli btc (1/1000 btc value) which has way lower minimum investment (around 20$) to make a grasp and in-depth understanding about the bot first.

If you have the experience before, you can start with full $1000. In a big price range settings, you will always have a several portion of that fund to be placed buy in the lower price in case of price dumping so it is still safe doing $1000 in the first instead of start smaller and adding later. Also for the information, the automatic fund addition you mean is not available yet on the bot for now, so you need to do it manually if you want to gradually increase the fund usage by the bot by running another grid bot with the additional fund

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