I understood that it was because it was using my BTC in the waller to make a sell at a higher price – so basically it uses USDT to buy more then the price goes down and uses BTC to sell – is this how this GRID BOT works as well and the returns similar to what I have mentioned above?

I have been using GRID BOT with 3 commas for quite some time on BTC/USDT Pair with around 8% return (monthly) – for the GRID BOT on 3 commas , one has to have both currencies in the wallet so in case of BTC/USDT you need both currencies- sometimes there are more buy order then sell orders and the profit is made on each sell order- initially I was struggling to understand this.


Grid Trading bot will operate with ” buy low and sell high ” strategy automatically. The profit per grid is the difference between sell order and buy order, and the parameters of it will match to the percentage you set when you created the bot.

While the spots’ price reaches the grid level of buy or sell order, the bot will place a new buy/sell order below or above the current price. It won’t place at the current price before the next grid level be triggered.

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