BLURUSDT Futures Trading Competition is Live! Join to Share $8,000 Bonus!

Pionex just launched BLURUSDT Perp today, and we are holding a trading competition with a prize pool of $8,000. Join and grab your rewards now!

Event time:  04/28/2023 13:00:00 – 05/08/2023 13:00:00 (UTC)

Event 1: Giveaway of $2,000 Futures Bonus

During the event, first-time BLURUSDT perp traders with a cumulative trading volume of at least $5,000 will receive a $10 bonus. Limited to the first 200 eligible users.

Event 2: Join BLURUSDT Perp Trading Contest and Share a $6,000 Bonus

During the campaign, users who cumulatively trade BLURUSDT perpetual futures with a $10,000 or more volume will be ranked according to their trading volume and receive rewards. The total prize pool is up to $6,000.

RankingFuture Bonus (USDT)Minimum trading volume (USDT)
Participation PrizeShare $3,400 proportionally>10,000

*the maximum bonus per person for the Participation Prize is $50.
*If the minimum trading volume is not met, reward amounts will be calculated based on trading volume in priority for ranking.

  1. Event 1 only applies to users who complete their first futures trading on Pionex during the campaign.
  2. All event benefits are not mutually exclusive, and users can participate in and win rewards for all events simultaneously.
  3. Only BLURUSDT futures trading volume will be counted, and both long and short positions are eligible. Trading volume = opening amount + closing amount.
  4. Trading includes manual trading and futures grid.
  5. ​​All rewards will be distributed to users’ Pionex accounts within 10 business days after the event ends.
  6. Any malicious behavior will result in disqualification and the inability to receive rewards.
  7. Pionex reserves the right to make the final interpretation of this event.
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