Trade to get 15,500 bonus

Total prize pool

15,500 USDT Experience Bonus

Event time

2023-05-09 00:00 to 2023-05-23 23:59 (Singapore time)


Participating users who are registered through DOY invitation and completed KYC

Part 1 Exclusive Rewards for New Users, Total of 5,500 USDT

Users who register during the activity period, complete KYC, deposite 1000USDT and accumulate trading volume exceeding 1 00,000USDT can receive 55 USDT in experience bonus. First come, first served.

Part 2 Prize Pool Distribution of 10,000 USDT

The total prize pool will be distributed based on trading volume ranking. Each user can only enjoy one level of reward. The actual amount is calculated based on the number of users who reach the corresponding level and their trading volume.

New and old users are eligible to participate.

RankPrize pool %Prize AmountMinimal Trading Volume
130%3000>= 5,000,000
215%1500>= 2,500,000
310%1000>= 1,000,000

Rank 4-10 will share a total prize pool of 2,500 USDT based on trading volume.

Rank 10-50 will share a total prize pool of 2,000 USDT based on trading volume.

Campaign Rules:

During the activity period, the cumulative trading volume equals the total value of the opening and closing positions.

The rewards will be issued to the contract account within T+5 working days without manual collection.

New user exclusive rewards can only be claimed upon completing KYC2.

The trading volume generated through mutual holding will not be calculated in the total trading volume.

Any malicious market manipulation or trading volume inflation will result in disqualification from the competition.

Pionex reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

Rules for using contract experience bonus:

The experience bonus can only be used for contract trading and cannot be used for spot or wealth management business. Profitable portions are withdrawable, while the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

The experience bonus can be used as margin for trading and can also be used for offsetting trading fees, losses, and funding fees.

Before the experience bonus is used up, any operation that transfers assets out of the contract account will result in clearing the bonus.

The experience bonus is valid for 14 days, and the remaining experience bonus that is not used up after 14 days of issuance will be reclaimed. Please be aware of the risk of liquidation during this period.

Completing KYC2 certification is required to obtain the experience bonus.

Cheating to obtain the experience bonus using matching or multiple account opening is prohibited. Once confirmed, the related account will be banned, and all experience bonuses in the account will be reclaimed.

Pionex reserves the right of final interpretation of the event, and the platform retains the right to adjust tasks and rewards based on market conditions.

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