New Year Event: Finish Tasks and Win Up to 1 Bitcoin

Dear Pionex users,

To celebrate the arrival of 2023, the Pionex team has launched a new year’s exclusive event. By copying Pionex bots, you can win up to 1 bitcoin, along with many other rewards such as iPhone and ETH prizes, etc.

To join the event: Update your Pionex App to the latest version and copy the bot shared by others on「CopyBot」on「Pionex」Home Page. Check the details below👇

Event Period

01/18/2023 – 02/06/2023


By finishing different tasks, you can get winning tickets. The more tickets you get, the higher chance you may win the prize. And all the prizes are as follows:

  • Prize 1:Random USDT bonus
  • Prize 2:3 USDT
  • Prize 3:10 USDT
  • Prize 4:0.05 ETH
  • Prize 5:Pionex Merch
  • Prize 6:iPhone 14
  • Prize 7:1 BTC

Open your Pionex App, click the app banner and make a lucky draw! Or,

Click here to win prizes>

Basic Task: New CopyBot Bonus to Earn 1 Ticket

During the event, copy any bot shared by others in「CopyBot」on the Pionex App Home Page, you will get「1 Ticket」.


  • No matter whether you have copied any bots before the event or not, you will get the ticket as long as you copy another bot shared by others in「CopyBot」on Pionex App Home Page
  • Each participant only can get「1 Ticket」for the New CopyBot Bonus. Copying multiple bots will not get you additional tickets.

Bonus Task: Total Investment Bonus to Earn Up to 11 Tickets

During the event, if the total investment for all bots you’ve copied and all investment you’ve added to the running bots meets certain requirements, you can get more tickets

  • Total investment ≥ 100U,Get「 1 Ticket 」(Total 1 ticket)
  • Total investment ≥ 1,000U,Get extra「 1 Ticket 」(Total 2 tickets)
  • Total investment ≥ 5,000U,Get extra「 2 Tickets 」(Total 4 tickets)
  • Total investment ≥ 10,000U,Get extra「 3 Tickets 」(Total 7 tickets)
  • Total investment ≥ 100,000U,Get extra「 4 Tickets 」(Total 11 tickets)


  • New CopyBot Bonus and Total Investment Bonus are independent of each other. You can earn up to 12 ticket in total for the whole event.

How to Copy Bot

  • Download the latest Pionex App (Which is only available on the Pionex latest App right now)
  • Log in and tap「CopyBot」on Pionex page
  • You will see some bots shared by other Pionex users, then tap the bot card
  • Tap「Copy」and decide how much you prefer to invest with the bot, and then the bot will auto-work for you
  • The following picture takes「BTC Grid Bot (High-frequency)」as an example:


  • During the event, copy any bot on the “CopyBot” tab of the Pionex App Home Page, you will get 1 ticket to draw;
  • During the event, invest a certain amount of money to get more tickets to draw, you can get up to 11 tickets in total. If you finish Basic Task and Bonus Task, two tasks, successfully, you can get 12 tickets in total;
  • For the bots invested with BTC and other non-USDT cryptos, we will calculate your investment amount according to the USDT value at the time that the bot starts;
  • The crypto rewards will be distributed to winners’ Pionex accounts after 10 business days when the event ends. For Pionex Merch and iPhone 14 rewards, please contact Pionex official service team;
  • For the Pionex Merch prize, if the award is limited due to shortage, we will distribute 100 USDT to the winner’s Pionex account instead;
  • Pionex reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at its sole discretion.