Monthly Event (Oct): Win 1 BTC with Bitcoin Growth Trading Bot

Create a Bitcoin Growth Trading Bot to Win 1 BTC

Update on 10/25/2022: The October event has ended. But we will start a new campaign in a few days! (Hint: Halloween is coming up 🙂

  • All Pionex users.
  • Create a Bitcoin Growth Bot (ETH/BTC grid bot – AI Strategy) to start earning Bitcoin
  • Event period: 10/10 00:00 ~ 10/25 23:59 (UTC)
  • The bot should be created after 10/10 00:00 (UTC) and remain active till the end of the event
    • The bots must be created between 10/10 and 10/25 (UTC)
    • Bots must remain active by 10/25 at 23:59 (UTC)
  • Of all eligible users,
    • 1 user will be randomly chosen to receive 1 BTC as a reward
    • 5 users will be randomly chosen to receive 0.01 BTC as rewards
    • 30 users will be randomly chosen to receive 0.001 BTC as rewards
  • Pionex reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at its sole discretion.
  • The awards will be distributed after 14 days when the promotion ends.

Easy Steps to Start Earning Bitcoins

Two ways to start a Bitcoin Growth Trading Bot:

1) Copy the official bot with one click, or

2) set up one bot manually.

Copy the official trading bot with one click

Click to Copy

*You still need to input your own investment amount in Bitcoins to start 🙂

or, Set up manually

On Pionex App
  • Step 1: Click 🔍 to search trading pair
  • Step 2: Search for ETH/BTC
  • Step 3&4: Create a grid trading bot on ETH/BTC trading pair
  • Step 5: Input investment amount in Bitcoin and create
On Pionex Website
  • Step 1: Log in to and click the “Trade” tab
  • Step 2&3: Search ETH and click “ETH/BTC”
  • Step 4: Choose “Grid Trading Bot” on the left side and use AI strategy to start

How do I earn Bitcoin every hour using a bot 🤨

In this post, I’m going to share how the Bitcoin growth bot work and why should you use it to earn BTC in the long run.