Join and Grab $ 1,000 USDT Futures Bonus!

Bitcoin Trading Challenge and Pionex will collaborate to host a live-stream event. In the live stream, you will learn about Bitcoin Trading Challenge’s experience using trading bots, as well as gain a deeper understanding of Pionex. And there is an exclusive activity for fans as well. Join and share $1,000 USDT futures bonus.

Eligible Participants

All invitees of Bitcoin Trading Challenge

How to participate

  1. Register through the exclusive referral link and enjoy a 10% trading fee discount
  2. Complete a deposit of ≥ 50 USDT on Pionex.

The first 50 qualified users can share $1,000 USDT futures bonus. 

Click the button to enjoy the discount and claim your reward now!

Event Duration

April 26, 11:00AM – May 10, 11:00AM (EST)


1. The futures bonus will be distributed within 14 days.

2. The futures bonus can only be used for manual futures trading and cannot be used for futures grid or spot trading or withdrawal. The profit can be withdrawn, but the bonus cannot.

3. The Bonus (trial funds) will be valid for 14 days.

4. For manual futures trading, the futures bonus can be used as margin and can also be used to offset trading fees, losses, and funding costs.

5. Any operation that transfers assets out of the futures account before the futures bonus is depleted will result in the loss of your futures bonus.

6. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Pionex.