Weekly Trading Competition

To thank Pionex users for their support of the futures product, Pionex will continue to run weekly trading competitions to provide good rewards.

Event time: 2023/3/20 00:00 ~ 2023/3/26 23:59(GMT+8).

Active pairs: All USDT pairs.

Participation method: Automatic participation, no registration required.

Total bonus: 38,000 USDT bonus

bonus can be used as a margin for opening positions, with priority against fees, capital costs, and losses. The user can withdraw the profit of opening positions with the bonus, but the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

Part 1 Exclusive bonus for new users, 20,000 USDT
Users only need to complete the first transaction, and transfer more than 500U to the contract account, when the transaction volume reaches 10,000USDT or more, you can get 20U of the contract bonus.
There is a limit of 1000 users per week, first come first served, and each user can only receive it once.
All Pionex users with no previous contract trading history are eligible to participate.

Part 2 Split the 18,000 USDT prize pool
During the campaign period, users only need to reach the corresponding level of trading volume to divide the level of bonus in proportion to the accumulated trading volume.
Each user can only enjoy one level of bonus, and the actual amount will be calculated based on the number of users who have reached the corresponding level and the transaction amount.
Both new and existing users can participate.

LevelPrize PoolTrading volume required in USDT
16000>= 10,000,000
25000>= 5,000,000
33000>= 3,000,000
42500>= 1,000,000
51500>= 500,000

Event Rules
1. During the campaign period, the cumulative transaction amount is equal to the open position amount plus the closed position amount.
2. The reward will be issued to the contract account within T+5 business days, no need to collect manually.
3. New users must complete KYC2 to receive the rewards.
4. It is strictly forbidden to operate against fairness by malicious knocking transactions and other operations, once found, the award will be disqualified.
5. The final right to interpret this activity belongs to Pionex.

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