Teorically, would it be possible to open a long position in the weekly (or monthly) futures market instead of spot market?

We,ve got more leverage, but worst spread (that lose would be reduced increasing the position 50% in each monthly and perpetual markets.


Unfortunately, the Futures trading in Pionex is already terminated, user cannot do manual futures trading using leverage anymore. You can refer to this announcement https://pionex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900007639683-Pionex-will-terminate-Futures-manual-trading-since-2021-6-30

The closest way to have leverage in Pionex is for you using Leveraged Grid Bot and Margin Grid Bot. This bot is using loan fund from pool which can leverage your initial investment. The market used in this bot is Spot market not perpetual market, so you bought the actual tokens instead of the contracts.

Check out this article!https://www.pionex.com/blog/leveraged-grid-bot/

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