Winner Announcement for “Win 1 Bitcoin in October” Event

Dear Pionex users,

The winners of our “Win 1 Bitcoin in October” event have been randomly selected. The Bitcoin awards will be distributed to your Pionex account within 10 working days. A reward confirmation email will be sent within 3 days as well. Here is the full winner list:

  • 1 user winning 1 Bitcoin
da***e*@gmail.com1 Bitcoin
  • 5 users winning 0.01 Bitcoin
we***ki@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
v.***tochvila@protonmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
d4***3@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
cl***minersllc@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
da***g@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
  • 30 users winning 0.001 Bitcoin
al***edmond@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
ch***bt@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
bu***ald-theta0o@icloud.com0.001 Bitcoin
lo***z.vilnil@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
ad***o.huerta@optimusmex.com0.001 Bitcoin
ka***84@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
ba***lon@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
ni***lasbaumler@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
fa***ojan79@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
ca***ellwebster@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
cu***ept@me.com0.001 Bitcoin
se*** Bitcoin
ba***ballsbaylis@outlook.com0.001 Bitcoin
ot***orss@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
da***heard_18@hotmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
my***ot@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
se***enster90@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
wa***ric@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
co***esnyder@yahoo.com0.001 Bitcoin
be***minmichaellibby@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
rd***s3crypto@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
le***chris+pionex@proton.me0.001 Bitcoin
gl***@glennrdavis.com0.001 Bitcoin
te***sanor@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
jo***n.land01@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
an***ny.parrjr+pionex@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
be***min.c.martin@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
si***yray75313@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
ni***n@yahoo.com0.001 Bitcoin
ta***aturn6@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin

More rewards and airdrops coming up in November, so remember to check out our App and website!

Pionex Team