November “Win 1 Bitcoin” Event Winner Announcement

Dear Pionex users,

The winners of our November “Win 1 Bitcoin” event have been randomly selected. The Bitcoin awards will be distributed to your Pionex account within 10 working days. A reward confirmation email will be sent within 3 working days as well. You can check the list below

We will also start another “Win 1 Bitcoin” in December soon.

Keep your Bitcoin Growth Bot running, and you may be granted a higher chance to win! Stay tuned 🙂

  • 1 user winning 1 Bitcoin
f***lstoppur4@gmail.com1 Bitcoin
  • 5 users winning 0.01 Bitcoin
c***onu74@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
r***network@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
s***one@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
i***@tiendas-online.nl0.01 Bitcoin
m***bybm@gmail.com0.01 Bitcoin
  • 30 users winning 0.001 Bitcoin
c***dio.zocchi@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
n***ama22.1@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
j***anpipes1948@hotmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
v***yaknarayana@yahoo.com0.001 Bitcoin
p***rdavid50@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
g***fishing2170@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
d***en.dvg@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
r***ar***nt***y.***ders@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
r***svince23@yahoo.com0.001 Bitcoin
l*** Bitcoin
1***andhiscoinabroad@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
t***_en@hotmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
g*** Bitcoin
i***rnoburnz@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
g***a.francisco@hotmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
u***dcom@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
m***ocaden@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
f***o.van.haarlem@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
l***he.thorben@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
j***teslas@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
a***lmalik.hamad.hh@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
l***bosga@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
l***niliyanov@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
t***tenlinke@hotmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
z***_wong@me.com0.001 Bitcoin
y***7@live.com0.001 Bitcoin
h***tondigitalcurrency@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
m***tmonkey@hotmail.com0.001 Bitcoin
a***gr8one@aol.com0.001 Bitcoin
b***inghawk@gmail.com0.001 Bitcoin

More rewards and airdrops coming up in December, so remember to check out our App and website

Pionex Team